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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Russell For the Win

Runoff Election Pot Stickers
Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District has been and will be for a very long time a GOP stronghold.  Democrats have not been able to field a candidate with the stroke and resume' to stand up to even the weakest of Republican contenders and that trend is not going to change anytime soon.  The GOP runoff saw Lt. Col. Steve Russell soundly defeat former Edmond Mayor Patrice Douglas, thereby guaranteeing a Republican win in November.  Russell is, was and will continue to be one of the strongest candidates the GOP has presented in the 5th District in at least two decades.  And he is going to absolutely dominate the Democrats in the General Election.

This is not to say that Patrice Douglas isn't a nice person, or someone who attends the right church, wears the right clothes and drives the right automobile.  Her handlers in the runoff made a massive mistake in sending out a mailer that appeared to be an endorsement from the departing James Lankford.  They should have known better, but they did it anyway and if it weren't for that dirty tactic backfiring, Douglas would have had a much more impressive and competitive showing.  Granted, it wasn't a landslide, but it was a decisive victory.

Birthday Baby
Today is my daughter's 17th birthday.  Yesterday, she passed her driver's license test so now, she is a licensed driver and she is now a year older.  She and her brother have been through the wringer over the last few years, and her obtaining her license may be a small victory, but it's one that matters to her and yes, she is absolutely giddy.  Madison is a wonderful young lady, deeply emotional, feeling things at the very core of her being and not afraid to share her emotions - particularly if she's upset about something.  This last year, she transferred with her brother from Bridgereek schools to Norman High School and it was quite the transition - a small intimate classroom environment to a jam-packed monstrosity such as Norman High School has been an interesting challenge for her but she has taken it on and is coming out on top.

She's 17 today and I am immeasurably proud of her for surviving as well as she has given the circumstances she's faced. 

Well, have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brakes Are Out, No Point In Steering

"Having nothing, nothing can he lose." ~Henry VI

There comes a point in the human pathos when one is pushed so far against a wall, there is nothing left and the aggregate emotional result is quite scary.  We've seen it take place in Ruby Ridge, in Waco, we've seen it even in personal relationships wherein a spouse just disappears off the face of the earth because of incessant fighting, pushing and control issues.  The puzzling part is that there is no magic formula to determine when this will take place because every human being is different, possessing differing levels of tolerance.  For one individual, everything short of physical violence is tolerable, whereas another individual may get fed up with mere back talk.

It is most tragic when it happens to our young people - when kids feel as though they have no alternative but to cut themselves or to get involved in drugs and alcohol or worse yet, to contemplate suicide.  When this takes place, immediately we as adults begin to try to affix blame.  The parents, the bullies, the environment, and even the devil himself is often blamed for a tragedy that probably could have been avoided with a few kind words and an open mind.  You see, our young people want a voice, they want to be heard but they also need to know that there are boundaries - that with that free speech, with that voice there comes responsibility and consequence.  For example, a sassy mouth should get a child into some amount of trouble with the custodial parent, but that trouble shouldn't include torture and abject demoralization.

We're in a really weird place culturally.  The Christian community seems laser focused on church growth rather than discipleship and the birth of video churches on every corner has watered down the reality of the Christian faith and we suffer as a result.  We lack connections, we lack the desire to truly connect with one another on a meaningful level and we end up eating our own wounded rather than nurturing and caring for the least among us.  This impacts us so negatively that we find ourselves constantly facing the difficult decision to completely lose our minds and do something stupid, or lay down and take the lashes our humanity dishes out and we have no real recourse other than a bunch of feel-good dogma, wrapped in Amercan Idolesque video productions.

So, what are we left with?  Each other.  Because when the dust settles, we're all we have left.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday's Faith, Freedom, Firearms, Flatulence and Football

Welcome to the end of yet another exciting, action packed week  here in the blogosphere and yes, there are still a bunch of you hanging out, chatting it up with your resident 400lb Gorilla of Oklahoma media.  And for that, I thank you.  Let's see what the hell is going on in this crazy, silly, madcap world in which we live...

Harder, Faster, Longer
Amazing art by Jason Coates
I've had a few inquiries as to the new nature of the blog and some of my ongoing commentary in social media - that I've become more aggressive, harder and less tolerant. Um, yeah.  I have.  I've been wrestling with some of these health issues and it gets frustrating and I've stared my own mortality in the face and it really pisses me off.  I'm not old enough to be going through some of this crap but since I am, I'm not going to waste any time - I'm cutting to the chase and if y'all don't like it, there are other tepid, feed-you-want-you-want-to-hear blogs and news services out there that will tickle your ears and put your intellect and emotional well being to sleep.  Have fun with that.  Meanwhile, the rest of us will be over here, shaking the trees and taking folks out of their comfort zone. 

I'm back.  I'm pissed off.  I'm tired.  I'm restless and most of all, I've reached that point of complete saturation wherein the status quo is bothersome and an insult to our intelligence.  Let's fight back.  Let's call it like it is, damn the consequence.

Football Fistfights
When I played ball in high school, our coach and the coaching staff always told us that no matter where we are, we are ambassadors of our school and that should be taken into consideration.  We can be as mean and nasty on the field of battle as we choose, but we are to be gentle as doves off the field.  For some reason, that is beyond some people today.  The Stoops organization at OU can't seem to control his people because once a year at least, we hear of some football player getting into an altercation with someone - but this time, it was a woman.  A football player beat the shit out of a woman in public.  Really?  What the hell is wrong with Stoops and why is the rest of the team not whipping this young man's ass?  It's all about the cash flow, no doubt, but good heavens.  A ball player beats the shit out of a woman at a bar and the guy still has teeth in his mouth and law enforcement will take their sweet time prosecuting this pampered punk as a result.  The cure?  Double tap center mass - learn to defend yourselves, ladies and do so with lethal force.  Clean out the gene pool.   Boomer Sooner, y'all. 

Some Encouragement
This weekend, I challenge you to do something you probably haven't in a long time.  Take yourself out to see a local band.  Go enjoy a few adult beverages, listen to some local artists do their thing.  If you're a musician reading this, you know how many hours and hours you put into working a set list, creating a few hours of entertainment and it is amazing to see people have a great time with you.  So, friends, go enjoy some local talent.

Be safe. 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stupid Freaking Laws, Regulations & Stuff

There is so much about the great state of Oklahoma that I care for, it's saddening to see the place be overrun with dumbass laws and lawmakers trying to create more and more dumbass laws.  Of course, many of the lawmakers ARE dumbasses, so we shouldn't be too surprised.  Let's take a trip down Dumbass Lane and see what we find, shall we?

Tougher Divorce?  Really?
One lawmaker decided that she should make it tougher for individuals to get divorced and that would somehow create a godly marriage utopia wherein we will all live happily ever after and Jesus would smile upon us.  Yeah.  It's just that stupid.  If they want to get serious about the divorce rate, how about make it tougher to GET married.  One of the reasons that people get divorced these days is because they have no freaking clue whatsoever they were getting themselves into.  The Church has so idolized the institution of marriage that it is in the minds of some to be a Holy Grail of our existence, a pinnacle to be reached beyond all other goals and desires of the human existence.  So, they go in blindly, thinking that all will be wonderful and the heavens will open up and they will be fulfilling the will of God.  You see how stupid this is?  If we are serious about the divorce rate, we'll make it tougher to get married.  Period.  Everything else is just poppycock.

Weed It Out
Alcohol and tobacco are legal in the state of Oklahoma and the state coffers are kept pretty damned full from the purchase of said products.  One former legislator who was instrumental in seeing an increase in the taxes on tobacco products argued that tobacco is just so horrible for us, but when asked why he didn't author legislation to ban the products, he laughed because the state needs that money to pay his and other useless piles of dung who are elected officials.  So, we see ourselves filling the coffers with alcohol and tobacco...and we know that both substances are killing Oklahomans...but it's still illegal to smoke weed in the state of Oklahoma.  That, my friends, is about as dumbass as it comes. 

ISIS Must Be Destroyed
Not being a fan of preemptive war, I think the time has come to send an exceptionally strong message to the scumbag pieces of crap in the Middle East who have dubbed themselves "ISIS."  Their behavior a radical Islamists is bad enough, and now, they are taking it to a new level and we had damned well better respond and do so with fierce vengeance.  The solution is relatively simple:  We use our SOGs to surgically remove them from the planet.  To hell with the Geneva Convention, the time to change the rules of engagement are now.  No more beheadings.  No more acts of terrorism.  We need to send our SEALs or Rangers in to take care of business and wipe the earth clean of these vermin.  If we do not, we're sending a message that we're a bunch of sissified big talkers.  And before you start thinking my position is based on that of race, the last asshat to behead an innocent was/is a British citizen and I believe that he, like the rest of the terrorists, should be killed swiftly and painfully.  All who love and know him should weep and mourn his loss as we mourn the loss of our innocent brothers and sisters.  It's time to send our SEALs in to kill these bastards.  Period.

Of course, these are just my opinions, and I could be wrong.  But I seriously doubt it.