I Do, But I Don't

I Do, But I Don't

Friday, August 14, 2015

RIP Reid

Sometimes I look around me and see some of the most wonderful, joyful people being taken from us while bottom-feeding piles of human stink go on stinking.  It is frustrating, infuriating, even.  When I saw the reports that Reid Mullins had passed, it was both saddening and maddening.  He was a spectacularly kind and generous man, whose heart was filled with compassion and love.

Red Mullins was a good guy - one of the "white hat brigade," and though I didn't agree with him on some issues, he was always respectful and made one feel guilty for disagreeing with him.

It was one thing when he was gone from the airwaves at KTOK for reasons that only God himself knows, but to have him called home?   I want to just go outside and scream at the top of my lungs, "Why?!?!?!"  It's not fair.  It just isn't right.  I'm being honest with you all.  I am angry, confused, and I seriously disagree with God's choice where Reid is concerned.  I know all of the Scriptures that talk about loss, that tell us that His ways are mysterious, that we have to be patient and trust.  I know, in theory, those are all true.  But back here on planet earth, I don't get it and it really pisses me off.  Some of us deserve to be taken out of the game, but Reid?  Heavens, no. 

As petulant as I may seem to you, I understand if you frown upon my response to Reid's passing.  I've just reached a saturation point of seeing so many of the good guys taken from us, leaving the remnants of mouth-breathing creodonts to dwell among us.

May your thoughts and prayers be extended to the Mullins family today and every day. 

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Jesus Loves You (Everyone Else Thinks You're An Ass)

At very heart of most religious expressions is the desire to forgive, love, and live at peace with one another.  Sadly, it's the ones who preach the loudest that I find horribly difficult to tolerate.  These Christian Dominionist windbags are constantly bemoaning the fear that we may "lose our country" or "allow the Godless, heathen hordes of liberals" take over our nation.  It's a classic fear tactic that sadly works on the already deceived - even though most of us recognize it as a recurring theme from the Music Man.

There's trouble in river city!


They are peddling a brand of "Christianity" that is bordering on the heretical because it is based on fear, the concept of human potential to usher in the second coming - all that's needed is to create a theocratic environment and Jesus will magically show up and send all of them "liberulls" to hell and the only people to be saved and have dominion over the earth are the ones who believe that Ronald Reagan was some kind of a prophet and that Obama is the Anti-Christ.  They stir up trouble, they propagate fear, and what is truly heartbreaking is that so many people actually believe their tripe.

There's trouble in river city! 

They are "whitewashed tombs, full of dead men's bones" and "broods of vipers."  They maintain a cloak of godliness, but underneath, they too have a demon inside.  They all have skeletons in their closets but they think that they can hide it from the rest of us.  They think that we don't notice the flaws in their humanity and that they closely resemble our own.  This group of hypocrites are the most dangerous since the dawn of the Christian faith.  And we have been warned about them. 

One ass hat was talking about ways to ignore the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage (better not read Romans 13 - actually, just rip those pages out of your Bible) and let the states decide what they want because, apparently, gay marriage is destroying traditional marriage and the SCOTUS can't interpret the Constitution as well as a few whipper-snappers in the Legislature.

This same dominionist is married to someone who had children before he and his wife got married.  Let's see what Jesus had to say about that in Matthew 5:32...

But I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except for the reason of unchastity, makes her commit adultery; and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.  ~ NASB
Game.  Set.  Match.
Of course, this is just an opinion and I could be wrong, but I truly doubt it.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

And the TRUMPet Sounded

I had an interesting conversation with my son today.  It was really nice to catch up, discuss some of the happenings in our lives and even a little politics.  He asked me what I thought of Donald Trump as a ladder climbing POTUS candidate for the GOP.  My initial thought was that Trump was little more than a blowhard voice screeching in the wind and will get creamed by the Bush money.  But watching some of the news stories and the comics about Trump have made me think a little more seriously at the whole mess.

First, let's consider some irrefutable facts:

  • GOP is scandal-ridden.  Just look at Oklahoma and the party pissing contests that have gone on of late.  Former State Senator, former Gubernatorial candidate, former U.S. Senate candidate and present chairman of the state GOP, Randy Brogdon was elected and it wasn't a week before he was stirring the feces and now, the party reeks from the stench of it.  
  • The GOP doesn't like its choices.  They wanted a hardcore, line in the sand cat for leadership, and now they are whining about his leadership?  A leopard cannot change his spots and Brogdon is a special breed of leopard who couldn't give a rats ass what anyone thinks of him.  That's what he was elected for, remember?
  • Donald Trump is a very wealthy man, and though he has filed bankruptcy more than once, he always lands on his feet.  It's hypocritical for anyone to chastise him for that (particularly in the GOP) because when you think about it, under the GOP leadership, we have spent trillions of dollars on a never-ending war on whatever the hell is over on the other side of the pond.
  • Trump is saying out loud what the GOP used to have as a bloody platform.  The GOP used to be the party of legal immigration and hatred of illegal immigration.  Suddenly, the GOP wants to court the ILLEGAL immigrant vote?  Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican. 
  • If the GOP puts up another Bush against Hillary Clinton, he will get his ass kicked like a Klansman at a Black Panther rally.  And justifiably so.  With the GOP abandoning its roots of reasoned approaches to issues of immigration (an 80 percentile issue, by the way) and surrendering to big oil and gas producers whose subcontractors hire illegals.  But that's another topic altogether.  
The Trump whom we all wish would run for POTUS.
But Donald Trump is a target.  Stupid, stupid move on the part of the GOP.  It's so ridiculous for the GOP to cut off its nose to spite its face in this manner.  But let me tell you some insider information:  The hits most likely are not coming from the candidates themselves, but rather their slime-slinging consultants who become intoxicated with the nectar of their own vitriol.  It's mess at that level and if you think otherwise, you're a damned fool.  The GOP will eat their wounded faster than any other critter on the planet.  Greed, avarice, and the hunger for power is transcendent at the POTUS level.  Sad, but true.

To truly answer my son's inquiry, my summation is that Trump is good for the GOP.  He is separating the Shiite Republicans from the Neo-Cons and taking advantage of the bump in the poll numbers even though he's under enemy fire.  If he can keep himself in a positive light in the media, maintain a cool head, and get an image consultant, he very well could be the one to take on Hillary.  But then again, none of the choices right now are very appealing.  

They all look like monkeys trying to make love to a football.

This is my opinion and I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Waitin' On the World to Change

The world isn't a horrible place.  This country is not the throne room of the AntiChrist.  President Obama isn't deliberately scheming to remove freedoms.  The GOP is not a blood-sucking, money-hungry coven of sick bastards who would kill their mothers for a buck.  Conversely, neither are the Democrats.

One of the reasons there seems to be widespread mania is that the paid media wants that to happen.  As a rule, insanity sells and the crazier things become, the greater the opportunity to exploit and and increase the crazy quotient by hyping it up for ratings.  As human beings, we are created with an innate desire to find an antagonist to the story of our life.  We want to find the "boogeyman" and point out to the world that he is, in fact, the boogeyman.

Meanwhile, the management at radio stations and televisions see their numbers go up as does their salaries.  They make the decision to streamline even further to increase their bottom line - they replace talent with marginal talent and the aggregate result is hyperbole pouring from the mouths of the uninformed into the ears of the easily influenced population.

I've written about this before.

Inaction doesn't work.  Action works.  The song, "Waitin' On the World to Change" is a happy feeling song, but the lyrics are wickedly intense and describes a much darker reality than what appears on the surface.  Dig deeper and you'll see.

We can't change the world sitting on our asses waiting for someone else to do it.  Become active either overtly or covertly.  Inform others without being a dick bag about it and becoming one of those "sky is falling" idiots we are protecting ourselves from.

To be the solution, we have to do something, and typically it starts at home.  It's up to you.  Do you want to wait for the world around you to change or do you want to be the change?