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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's Almost Podcast Time

Getting ready for a series for the Gorilla Bytes podcast, I started making notes and realized that I have enough material for all of 2018.  There's the state legislature, the never-ending Twitter madness of the POTUS, Governor Fallin's veto power, the gubernatorial race, the Lt. Governor race, and the insanity that has become the Veteran's Administration are all ripe for the picking.  I plan to do a lot of picking.

The state legislature, for example, have only had marginal media scrutiny and the story behind the story has been missed by most MSM outlets; and that includes some of the programming that is supposed to be local talk.  I've been gathering research data and what I've found so far shouldn't be too much of a surprise, but it all begins with campaign contributions and the power of lobbyists who hang out at the capitol like vultures.  It's all fair game as far as I am concerned and I'm getting ready to jump back into the fray with a vengeance.

Don't think, however, that politics will be the only thing I discuss.  I will be talking pop culture, the Oklahoma music scene, food, relationships, a little sports, and of course local and national events.  I will be sharing with you some of the details of my life as well; including what it's like to have to wait to be put on a liver transplant list, how to deal with chronic pain, and even my short bouts of depression as a result of all of the above.  I'll be candid, open, and probably a little more transparent than you could expect and since my hands won't be tied by stupid FCC regulations on free speech, you may even hear a little colorful language as well.

I promise you:
1.  I will pull no punches.
2.  I will go after asshats regardless of political party affiliation.
3.  I'll ask the hard questions.
4.  I will keep it lively and challenging.

There are a few logistical issues to deal with, but I should have those completed and put to bed by the end of next week.

Buckle your seatbelt, kids...it's going to be a wild ride.

Ron "Gorilla" Black