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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kids Are Weird

Our parents never really understood us, or at least that's what we believed "back in the day."  We enjoyed our music loud, blaring out of our high-tech cassette players or for some, even those clunky 8-track tapes seemed to get the job done.  Interestingly, kids today aren't that much different - though the music and delivery systems are remarkably different.  And more expensive.

I remember when I first saw the movie, "The Exorcist."  I still believe it to be the most horrifying movie ever made for numerous reasons.  I didn't sleep for days after seeing it and watching it today, it still gives me the creeps and makes me sweat.  For our generation, those types of outlandishly made movies had a sense of realism if you believe in the supernatural and it is that sense that scares the stuffing out of us. 

(Note:  It was hard for me to even post that picture to the right.)

But kids don't find "The Exorcist" so scary and it befuddles me.  My teen daughters actually laughed at the movie, considering it humorous.  Yes, you read that right...humorous.  Of course, these are the same teen daughters who consider sampled music with thunderous bass to be "good music," mind you. 

Kids are weird.  Kids who don't find that movie scary are super weird.  That is all.  Tip your waitress.