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Friday, November 12, 2010

McCarville Report: GOP Victory Program Leader Seeks Senate Seat

Mike McCarville has the story on Great Treat's bid for Senate District 47.

Read the story here.

Goza Announces Candidacy for SD47

From Michelle Evans:


Kenny Goza announced his candidacy today for the special election to fill Lieutenant Governor Elect – Senator Todd Lamb’s seat representing Edmond and North Oklahoma City.  Goza is a businessman, husband and father who wants to change how government does business.  “I am a bootstrap Republican.  I believe that more government is not the answer to our problems.  Government spends far too much of our hard earned money.  It is time that we use our common sense and conservative values to make our state government reflect the values of Oklahomans.”  Goza said.

Kenny Goza understands the problems with government.  He has dealt with them since he was eight years old when he was placed in the state foster care system.  He was one of the lucky children and was adopted by a kind, hard working family where he learned the values of honor, integrity and faith.  This experience shaped Kenny into the person he is today.  He believes that it is vital that we serve others and give our children the best opportunity for success through strong families and excellence in education.

Kenny Goza is a public servant – not a politician.  He served our country in the United States Army in Germany behind the Iron Curtain of Communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.  He is a veteran, lifetime member of the VFW and the American Legion.  He served our state as a former staff member to Governor Frank Keating, and he spearheaded the growth of Oklahoma’s Amber Alert – Child Abduction Program.

“We must get our values back into government so that Oklahoma can prosper.  I believe we must stand strong against illegal immigration.  I support gun rights, lower taxes, strengthening families, strong work ethic, smaller government, and more money in the classroom so our children can get the education they deserve.”  Goza said. 

Kenny Goza understands the difficulties government places upon business owners.  He has established five offices across the state to provide legal services to hard working Oklahomans.  He understands making a payroll and the importance of job creation for the future of our state.

“If elected, I promise to work hard to rid public service of the career-minded politicians that work for special interest groups and recklessly spend our hard earned tax money.  I want to return the “public” back to public service by volunteering my time and energy to serve as your State Senator.  I will donate my pay to foster children and veteran programs.”Goza said.

Kenny Goza is a husband, father and Main Street businessman.  He has two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Oklahoma in History and International Area Studies of Latin America, a Master of Arts degree in International Relations and a Juris Doctorate from Oklahoma City University. 

Missing The Point - SQ744

State Question 744's defeat was resounding and left no ambiguity about how Oklahoma taxpayers feel about the current public education system.  They told the spin-doctors and the unions that they need to go back to the drawing table and quit misleading the public about how they want to be compensated.

At the heart of the issue was not teacher pay, but rather the disingenuous manner in which this "regional average" concept has been presented.  Oklahoma taxpayers have proven that there is, in fact, hope for the electorate and hope for the future of this great state.  The concept of "regional average" per-pupil spending is so dishonest, so deplorable that even the most uneducated among us see it for what it is:  A lie.

I challenged the soon to be gone Superintendent of Public Instruction, Sandy Garrett, about this very issue some years ago when I was the afternoon drive guy on WKY.  She admitted that the formula used to determine these regional averages for per-pupil spending was faulty at its core because the proponents did not consider something as simple as the cost of living indexes for each state in the study.  So, if Oklahoma's per-pupil spending was to equal that of Colorado, for example, the ratio for median income spending would be almost twice that of Colorado.

Talking about increasing funding for education is sexy, it's hot.  It makes us feel good.  But like the magic bullet that was to be the lottery (for the children), we have learned that not is as it seems in education-land.  We are constantly given messages from members of the media just how silly we are if we don't approve this measure or that measure because it's "for the children."  It makes the mainstream media all misty and get the vapors when they talk about teachers and how they deserve more and our kids deserve more but at the end of the day, it's the administrators who end up stealing the money and using it for their own over-inflated egos and disgusting salaries.  But it is sexy, it is hot and it is exactly what we have come to expect from the mainstream media.

I read a fascinating piece by M. Scott Carter for the Journal Record, providing his take on the whole State Question 744 issue.  In part, he writes:
There are no easy answers, but there are some positive signs.

In the House of Representatives incoming Speaker Kris Steele has acknowledged the state’s funding problem and seems focused on solving it. Additionally, Fallin has moved quickly to build her administrative team and, on several occasions, has spoken about the state’s financial challenge and the need to move quickly to develop a budget for the next fiscal year.

That focus and attention to detail could serve both leaders well.

But the state’s new government can only go as far as we Oklahomans will allow. And right now, while it’s easy for many to congratulate themselves on defeating 744, the fact remains that the issue 744 tried to solve is still on the table and still remains unsolved.

But somewhere, sometime soon, the entire system will collapse under its own weight. And, sadly, that may be the only way to get the public’s attention.
Kris Steele has admitted that there is a "funding problem," but there is no way that the Speaker of the House will tell the vast majority of Oklahomans that they are wrong in their decision to tell the proponents of the "regional average" misdirection to pound sand - not if he wants to keep his leadership position, anyway.

Carter starts with a faulty supposition (as is the case with most in the media who are left-leaning), that the "regional average" proposal is a solution.  He ignores the fact that the population of the state of Oklahoma is less than the city of Houston (8), but has 425 independent school districts.  He ignores the fact that each of those independent school districts have in leadership a superintendent whose pay averages six-digits.  He ignores the fact that we are top heavy in Oklahoma and that one solution that actually makes sense would be to consolidate administrative functions for districts, thereby freeing up money to actually go to the classrooms rather than to fund bloated superintendent salaries...which, we presume, is what the people who supported SQ744 desired to begin with.

At least that's what their commercials portrayed.

It's time we wake up.  We do, in fact, have a problem with public education in Oklahoma, but the problem isn't with the amount of money we're spending...the problem lies with how bureaucrats are spending our taxpayer dollars.  That was the message of SQ744's defeat.  That is what the taxpayers are demanding, whether or not Carter and the rest of the government big-spenders realize.

And let We The People not forget that a few years ago, former Representative Dank proposed administrative consolidation and the State Senate shot it down using one of Carter's classic "fear of loss" techniques outlined in his column:
At some time in the near future, Oklahoma’s small rural schools and their FFA clubs, 4-H programs and state championship-winning football and basketball teams will fade, killed because there wasn’t enough money to go around and because voters put anti-tax pledges ahead of public education.
Just remember why we voted the way we did and don't be misled by the tactics of the mainstream media.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day 2005 Monologue

This is a monologue from Veteran's Day, 2005 back when I was the afternoon drive guy on the station formerly known as "Supertalk 930, WKY."  Today, the station's format is Mexican cantina music.

If you enjoy your freedoms, thank a veteran, not a politician or elected official.  Regardless of what they tell you, very few actually do support our veterans and even fewer have ever stood a post.  It's the veteran who protects your freedoms, who swears an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic and when they do, they lay their lives on the line and immediately put themselves in harm's way.

Thank the families of veterans who struggle, who worry and pray about their loved ones who are on the front lines of the fight for freedom.  Pray and support the families who have actually lost loved ones in this fight to preserve our experiment in self-government.

I remember when Westboro Baptist Church decided to show up to a funeral in Central Oklahoma of a fallen service member.  We rallied our troops, held a fundraiser that same day for the Blue Star Moms at Johnnie's and the people of Central Oklahoma showed up in unbelievable numbers to support the family as they withstood not only the loss of their son, but the attacks of a bunch of people who will never "get it."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Campus Concealed Carry Arguments (Again)

Fox 25 aired a story this evening about a concerned young lady who wants to push to allow for concealed carry permits on college campuses.  This comes after a student at the sacred ground overseen by St. Burns Hargis (OSU) was shot - by a criminal who brought the firearm on campus.

The criminal must not have listened to the sermon presented by St. Hargis.

The young lady in the news report handed out flyers saying to the criminals that because campuses are "gun-free zones," they have basically a free ride.

Lest we forget, just a couple years ago the House in Oklahoma passed a campus concealed carry bill but former State Senator Kathleen Wilcoxson opposed it and sure enough, the man whom Governor-elect Mary Fallin slated for her transition team made sure the bill died a quick and painful death.  Who was that man?  Glenn Coffee.

This is going to be another test for Governor-elect Mary Fallin - she boasted of her NRA support, her support for those of us who are defenders and believers in the 2nd Amendment. 

There will be legislation again to push for a campus concealed carry, and in this climate, God help the legislators who oppose it.

If it doesn't pass after all the promises made this last election cycle, there will be hell to pay.  How many more students have to be needlessly attacked before the establishment pays attention?

Even More Personal Stuff

Here is another video installment.

Alvin Greene To Run for President?

For decades, liberal Democrats have teased conservatives about some of the presidential candidates the Right has put forth and it seems as though finally, it's our turn to giggle.  We still hear the Ross Perot jokes and of course, the Ron Paul jokes and now, the tables have turned.

Okay, we laughed quite a bit at Senator John Kerry's candidacy for president, but this one takes the cake.

Remember the guy in South Carolina who ran for U.S. Senate against Jim DeMint?  No, not that guy - the other guy.  The guy who actually won the Democratic nomination.  Alvin Greene, the brain trust of the South Carolina Democratic electorate is actually pondering a run for the White House.  Read the story here, and join me in a few snickers.

One one hand, you have to admire the guts of a guy like Greene to put it out there against the juggernaut that is/was Senator DeMint, but this is the aggregate result of believing the hype put forth in your own press releases.  God bless America.

Fallin: Denise Northrup Is Chief of Staff

From the Alex Weintz Press release:

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Governor-elect Mary Fallin today announced that longtime aide Denise Northrup will serve as her chief of staff in the governor’s office. Northrup previously served as district director in Fallin’s congressional office before managing the Fallin for Governor campaign.

“Denise is a dedicated public servant and an experienced and capable manager. She and I have worked together for over a decade and I’m excited to have her with me in the governor’s office,” said Fallin. “We have a lot of challenges in front of us, and I know she’s up to the task.”

In addition to her work in Fallin’s congressional office and with the Fallin for Governor campaign, Northrup managed the successful re-election campaigns of then Lieutenant Governor Fallin in 1998 and 2002, as well as the 2006 and 2008 Fallin for Congress campaigns. She has also spent time working for the Oklahoma Republican Party.

Northrup lives in Oklahoma City with her son and her husband, who is a sergeant in the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Even More Personal Stuff

Here is another installment to the Heart of Home series.  Some thoughts about my mother from others who knew her.  Surprising revelations about how my mother died and why. 

Kenny Goza, Senate District 47 Candidate

Lt. Governor-elect Todd Lamb's Senate Seat is up for grabs and so far, we have three names:  Greg Treat (GOP Victory Campaign, Fred Morgan's former campaign manager, former Coburn staffer), Carol Hefner (Mom, concerned Christian, philanthropist) and now, Kenny Goza.

Goza has an interesting, though difficult to read, website listing his qualifications and one thing that stands out more than anything is his willingness NOT to take a paycheck for his work as State Senator.  He doesn't NEED the job, he WANTS the job, so it seems. 

Here is a thumbnail sketch of Mr. Goza:
*Army veteran.
*Former food clerk.
*Former produce manager.
*Small business owner/entrepreneur.
*Practicing attorney.
*Holds a B.A. in History from OU, a B.A. in International Studies of Latin America from OU, an M.A. in International Relations from OU, and a J.D. from OCU.

Quite the pedigree.

He will be competing against Greg Treat who is one of the stars of the Republican Party and has been a political insider his whole life.  He will also face Carol Hefner whose last name alone will garner huge financial contributions and more than likely will receive most of the endorsements from the energy sector in Oklahoma. 

Can Goza win?  That is going to depend on his ground game and refining his message on specific issues.  If the people of Senate District 47 are serious about change and reform of state government, he stands a pretty good chance of making some hay.  If, however, they are what some define as "country club Republicans," Goza will have an exceptionally tough time.

Monday, November 08, 2010

The Great "Calling"

Across this great country we have seen numerous candidates who have been "called" to public service.  Many of these same individuals have worked in political circles their whole lives and made the leap into candidacy as a result of what they have said was/is a "calling from God."  Some, unfortunately, have mistaken indigestion to be a calling from the Creator, but it does make us wonder:

Does God call people to run for public office?

In the Scriptural sense, the only "calling" we see is to that of ministry.  And I suppose if we want to call elective office "ministry," then I suppose the hermeneutical gymnastics required are appropriate.  But that opens up a whole new set of problems, doesn't it?  If elective office is truly a "calling," then wouldn't it be safe to argue on some level that our government is, by default, theocratic in nature?  Wes Lane used to call himself the "Minister of Justice," but he then lost to David Prater...does that mean his "calling" to elective office was only temporary or was the calling less of a calling and more of a desire of personal vocation?  We also remember the legendary campaign of the televangelist, Pat Robertson - the one who was sure that parts of Florida would be destroyed because of the gay agenda.  Was he wrong and if so, what do to?  The questions are endless.

We know that the Apostles were "called" - but they were called into ministry, to service of the Church and the furtherance of the Gospel itself. Christ called each and every one of His disciples and even Paul had a "calling," but he continued to work as a tent-maker so as to not be a financial burden on the Church.  A friend of mine asked me recently whether or not a person could be called to elective office for the purpose of serving the Church.  That, my friends, is a spectacular question and one with a number of possible answers - the most obvious is that if someone feels as though the seat of government is a place of power for the Church, then, so be it.  (See Mt. 23

Yet, being "called to elective office" to "serve the Church" is almost an oxymoron, isn't it?  The Church has a very defined mission and that is to care for the widows and orphans in their time of need and to make disciples.  And if someone is using a vocation of elective office to accomplish those missions, is it then the role and responsibility of said government to care for the widows and the orphans and thereby take that responsibility away from the Church?  Or, has the government itself become the Church - or a religious institution in and of itself? 

Perplexing dilemmas this creates, doesn't it?

And what then if the person who believes he/she is "called" to that elective office faces an opponent who also believes it is a "calling" to the same elective office?  Is one a prophet and the other a false prophet for we certainly can't elect TWO people for the same office?  And what does the Scripture say we are to do with false prophets?  Dt. 13 is pretty clear, but pretty darned scary.  Dt. 18 is a little less scary, admonishing us not to fear such a knucklehead.  Of course, there will be the compulsory excuse, "God called me to RUN for this office, not to win it," put forth by the loser of the race, but we can see that one a mile away and call it what it truly is:  Balderdash.  Because God is efficacious in His calling(s) (see Romans 8:30), right?

So, this is quite the perplexing mess we find ourselves in, isn't it?  We have in more than one case, two candidates for elective office wherein both feel a "calling" to run for elective office.  Now, we will get to decide who has the real calling, and who has indigestion.

Lamb's Seat Warming Up

State Senator Todd Lamb hedged his bets before winning the post of Lt. Governor and now, the race is beginning to heat up with Carol Hefner announcing on her Facebook page that she will be receiving the endorsement of some pretty well-known names.  Her opponent, Greg Treat, has launched his website (here).

Hefner has acquired the assistance of Fount Holland and his A&H Strategies as her consultant, though she claims exceptional independence.  Fount Holland and his crew ran Kevin Calvey's campaign for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District as well as Rob Johnson's attempt for Corporation Commissioner, then his successful bid for the State Senate.

Greg Treat, who recently ran the 2010 Oklahoma GOP "Victory Campaign," will more than likely run his race on his own - he has plenty of experience.  He's worked with the legendary Senator Tom Coburn, was the campaign manager for former State Representative Fred Morgan's 5th Congressional District race and most recently working for the Oklahoma GOP.  Greg has been in politics pretty much his entire life.  On his website under the "Who is Greg Treat? heading, it lists the following:
*Devoted Christian
*Faithful Husband to Maressa
*Proud Father of Mason (3) and Cooper (5 months)
*Hard worker, dedicated leader and lifelong conservative
*Passionately advocated for pro-life issues
*Working HARD to be your next Senator!
All wonderful qualities and for the GOP-insiders, Greg is well known and very well respected - though the lack of a bio on his page is quite the glaring omission.

Carol Hefner and Greg Treat both appear to feel a "calling" on their life and part of said "calling" is to run for public office.

[Sidebar:  Times certainly have changed...there was a time when God "called" people to minister, to care for the poor, for the widows and orphans in their time of need.  Today, God calls people into politics, it appears.]

This is going to be an exceptionally fun race to watch and oh yes, we'll be watching.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

More Personal Stuff

I shared last week that I made my trip to Washington, saw family and experienced emotions I thought to be buried decades ago.  I have been in the process of putting together the video, so, here are the first two elements for your viewing pleasure - the intro and segment 1: