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Friday, October 15, 2010

Negative Ads, Same Sorry Excuses

What happens when fear takes over?  If you're trained to control fear, make it your ally and use it to your advantage, it can be a good thing.  A little fear of the Creator is certainly a good thing - we need to remember that He is God and we're not.  But without training, fear can make us do some crazy things.

Steve Burrage apparently experienced a little fear after seeing that he was losing in recent polling and what was his response to Gary Jones?  A typical negative attack ad that tells us a lot about whether or not he is "political" or not.

Burrage was appointed by Governor Henry to fill the Democratic statewide office vacated by former State Auditor Jeff McMahan - who is now dealing with much bigger issues than he was as Auditor and that is largely thanks to the work of the man who desires to replace the Henry appointee.  Gary Jones has been tenacious and that is really the kind of person we want as auditor and inspector.  Jones has the respect of many Blue Dog Democrats across the state and that probably scares the crap out of Burrage.  And his response to the fear and losing in the polls shows that he is not the outsider he has tried to portray himself as and accuse Gary of being.

Gary is a good guy and he is more than qualified for the job he seeks.  He has private sector experience and he has a good relationship with people from both sides of the aisle. 

When fear takes over, we can do some stupid things.  In my opinion, Burrage has proven my point.

Monday, October 11, 2010

State Auditor Race

Yes, we're at the cusp of election day and  most of us have already realized that the Republicans are going to have a clean sweep.  There are a couple races that the state GOP needs to get more involved in - such at the State Auditor race and the Labor Commissioner race as well, but I have spoken to Matt Pinnell personally, and he has assured me that the GOP will be doing something to ensure we don't have another four years of a Henry-appointed Auditor.

Think about it:  If Gary Jones does not receive the help necessary from the GOP and loses to a Henry-appointed Democrat, and the Republicans sweep other races, Gary's opponent will have something to prove and he will expend untold energy toying with the other statewide office holders.  It is critical that Matt Pinnell and the new leadership team at the GOP focus time and energy on this race otherwise, Burrage will be a proverbial bee in the bonnet of every statewide Republican-controlled office.

Conventional wisdom dictates that the GOP will be laser focused on the Governor's race, but in this climate, the Governor's race probably requires the least amount of attention.  Mary Fallin has a pretty damned good team around her and she has incredible financial resources at her fingertips.  Not only that, but the RGA (Republican Governor's Association) has spent a bunch of money in this market as well.  So, you see, Fallin doesn't need Pinnell nor the Victory Fund to waste untold dollars on her race - Jones, Doak and Costello need the help.

I consider Gary Jones to be a friend and though we have not agreed on every finer point of political dogma, Gary is probably the best suited candidate for State Auditor we Republicans have seen in many years.  Gary has uncovered more corruption and fiscal shenanigans in state government than the last three auditors combined - and he's not even our State Auditor yet.

I highly recommend you vote for Gary, November 2nd.  We need a State Auditor who will work hard for the people of Oklahoma and not spend $350,000 of our hard-earned dollars to redecorate their office.

Gary's website.