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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

POTUS Race Halftime Entertainment

It's February and the POTUS campaigns are in full swing and already some of the candidates most of us believed shouldn't be in the race to begin with have called it quits.  There are still a couple on the GOP side of things whose resolve has been bolstered because of a good showing in New Hampshire.  John Kasich pulled it off, but good heavens; he's not even remotely electable.  Governor Christie should be dropping out or "suspending his campaign" and Carly Fiorina, well, she didn't even stand a chance going into the race.  It's kind of sad because she seemed intelligent and ready to lead.

The two GOP candidates who are still legitimately in the running are Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz.  Read that again to yourself.  Trump (net worth in the billions), Rubio (owns a half million dollar house and his net worth is $976k), and Cruz (made over a million dollars last year).  That is the best and brightest that the GOP can come up with?  Can you imagine any of them actually getting elected? And we thought the Super Bowl halftime show was bad...

On the Democratic side it is pretty much a done deal.  Hillary will be the candidate.  Sanders is an interesting cat to be sure, but just, no.

About the Super Bowl...

As a Seattle Seahawk fan, I found it difficult to cheer for former division rival, Denver Broncos, but I abhor the Carolina Panthers even more. I thought it to be an interesting and entertaining game and then there was the halftime show.  

Perhaps it's my old age and my desire for simplicity is the driving force in my life, but I didn't get any of the halftime show.  Bruno Mars was good, I think.  Coldplay is Coldplay and you know what you're going to get with them, but it wasn't a good show at all.  Beyonce, once again, wore a skimpy outfit and showed off her hindquarters and her ability to rumble that backside.  The whole Black Panther thing?  It was silliness and the aggregate result is that she is getting plenty of attention as a result.  Her mission was accomplished on many levels.

Who would make an entertaining halftime show?  Bruce Springsteen?  Zakk Wylde and BLS?  U2?  Aerosmith?  Lady Gaga?  There really has to be someone or some group that would be better than a bunch of butt-shaking jibber jabber.  Or maybe not.

Of course, it's just my opinion and I could be wrong; but I seriously doubt it.