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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

THC, Scattered Hamlet and Shotgun Rebellion...

Every once in a while there comes the perfect storm - a time, place and environment where everything just "clicks."  In the music industry, it's not always that way but coming up on January 28th at Thunder Alley in Oklahoma City, the musical perfect storm has arrived and it has done so with a vengeance. 

Madd Maxx productions has outdone itself on this one. 

Texas Hippie Coalition (THC) is headlining what will be a show that no one in attendance will soon forget.  THC is a unique hard rock band with an exceptionally unique sound that isn't just some "screamo" kind of groove.  Fans of hard rock, metal are flocking to THC shows because, well, there just aren't any like them.  I had the opportunity to see them perform on the Hard Rock Stage at Rocklahoma last year and in my honest opinion, they should have been playing the main stage.

Scattered Hamlet is a band whose sound is unique as well, traveling from Los Angeles to Oklahoma to get their feet wet in the Southern Rock scene and it makes perfect sense since that is really their groove.

Of course, my favorite band on the ticket is Shotgun Rebellion.  Not taking away from the headliner or SH, Shotgun Rebellion is an Oklahoma-based band, preparing for a tour of the Gulf Coast and their sound is not only intense, but filled to overflowing with soul.  Each original song has meaning, is designed to invite the listener into the very personal and very diverse lives of each of the band members.  I have come to know these guys personally and have to tell you that their commitment to awesome performances and original music is really second to none. Rick Davis (vocals/guitar), Steve Parnell (vocals/guitar), Jon Parr (bass) and Jared Adams (drums) have created a sound, a feel that is phenomenal.  And these guys were willing to help out the Hugs Project by performing at no charge for a benefit concert held in Edmond last year. 

The doors open at 7pm at Thunder Alley and tickets are still available - contact my friend Jon Parr for tickets.  They are only $12 and $20 gets you the VIP treatment.  With this show, you have the opportunity to experience national talent in a relatively intimate environment, up-close and personal.  There will be nothing like it.

Here are some selections from the bands for you to enjoy:


Scattered Hamlet

Shotgun Rebellion