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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

2015 Looks Okay So Far

2014 went out with a bit of a whimper, and for the vast majority of us, that's just fine.  It was a rough year on many levels and thankfully, it's behind us.  Sort of.  There's always residual fecal matter that sticks to our shoes as we march about in the pastures of life, difficult to scrape off.  But in any event, it always turns out the way it was supposed to and we survived.  I've lost a few friends over the last year, but I've gained even more and have reestablished relationships with friends whom I imagined were long gone. 

This year has already been interesting and it gets more so with each passing day.  And it's going to get better, no doubt.  Some stuff that's circling through my head...

This is the year when Mason, my second oldest son, graduates high school.  I've tried my darnedest to convince him that the Naval Reserves is the way to go for both continuing education and learning some serious discipline.  And of course, the reality that serving your country is kind of a big deal.  He's not buying it, not really interested in the prospect of becoming a member of the military, but hopefully, he'll change his mind.  Right now, he's looking at local schools and either way, I'm super proud of the kid.  He was the kid who wasn't supposed to make it this far.  But he has and he's done so splendidly.

Oklahoma State Senator Don Barrington (R) has authored legislation to ban the wearing of hoodies in certain public places.  Why?  It's a "safety issue."  Not the brightest piece of legislation to be hatched under the methane gas-filled dome, but certainly leading the pack for goofiest in the next session.  Barrington isn't a douchebag, but this legislation is douchey.  Hopefully, his fellow Senators will bring him back to reality.

Are they on the way to yet another Super Bowl?  Perhaps, but I have followed the Seahawks for so long, I'd still love these guys anyway.  We have a great team, great fans, a wonderful stadium and of course, the most awesome city to host the team in the country.  Enough said.

I've reconnected with many family members this past year and thus far, I've had the opportunity to learn more about my life growing up, about my family that I've missed.  My cousin in Washington, Jodi, and her family has been illuminating in keeping me in the loop with what's going on with her kids, with my cousin's family.  I hope to get out there and see her, see my son Matthew, his wife and my grandson, Rylan. 

This is going to be a very challenging year for the GOP.  Leadership is pretty much the same, but Oklahoma has some new blood in Washington DC, but some are the same, just transfused into a different position.  It's hard to say how much will change, but I can promise you that one thing will definitely happen:  Fuel prices will go up.  With the GOP in control in this climate, we'll see that their backers will want to see the energy sector continuing to be prosperous. 

Well, that's about it for now, more to follow.  Happy 2015!