151 Band

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Crazy Week Ahead

This is going to be a hectic, yet fun week ahead.  Doctors appointments, production of a new edition of Gorilla Bytes Podcast, and a wicked gig on Friday at CeeGee's in Edmond with my band (151 Band).  It's crazy, but like most of us, I recognize the blessing that it is.

This week, we'll be facing the ramifications of the government "shut down," and frankly, many aren't going to like my opinion in the matter.  First, I don't think it's the Democrats who are to blame completely, nor do I believe that it is the President's fault.  Both parties are proving that there is a leadership vacuum of Biblical proportions.  Second, it proves that career politicians who are entrenched in the process of bureaucracy need to be sent home this November.  Lastly, I plan on talking about this in depth on this week's podcast.  It's a mess no matter how you look at it.

What do you think is going to happen in the State Legislature in Oklahoma this year?  Already, we've seen some silliness in bills being filed like the one by Nathan Dahm declaring that all wildlife is the property of God.  Yes, you read that right.  We need legislation, apparently, on what most of us knew in Sunday school class by the time we were 5 years old, but Senator Dahm who claims to be a freedom legislator, is trying to pull off a nanny state theocracy coup with this rhetoric.  How about Dahm take some time and do some good for the state of Oklahoma - including taking care of the "least among us."  Certainly, there will be more self-righteous pandering going on and don't be surprised if you don't see Pastor Paul Blair running for office again but in another district than where he ran before.  He's hungry and wants to be a legislator because apparently, being a pastor is boring.

I'll be talking more about the gubernatorial race on this week's podcast and I'll take a look at the Democrats who are running; though it's more of an exercise in ego-building because this red state won't be electing a Democrat for Governor anytime soon.

Of course, these are just my opinions and I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it.

Ron "Gorilla" Black