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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thinking About It

The new year, for me, lasts through the month of January and it is a serious time of introspection.  New year's resolutions, the clean up from the party, plans for the future - they are all part of the American pathos and I drink deep from the pitcher of contemplation this time of year.

Looking at some of my friends' photo albums on social networking sites as they post the places they've been and the things they've seen, it got me to thinking about some of the things I've seen, the people I've met and thought I'd share a few of them with you.

Ted Nugent.  Back "in the day," the Motor City Madman was a regular guest on my talk show on WKY and I was fortunate enough to go on a pronghorn antelope bow hunt with him in Marfa, Texas.  The pronghorn I bagged hangs on my wall in my office, overlooking my madness and certainly laughing.  I also got to introduce him at a concert he did in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  It was a fascinating time, and for those of you who wonder whether or not the Nuge is just an act, well, I'm here to tell you that with Ted Nugent, what you see/hear is what you get.  He's the genuine article. 

Oklahoma Rifle Association Media Award.  I won the Mike McCarville Oklahoma Rifle Association Media Award back in 2007, and though it feels like a lifetime ago, I remember it quite fondly.  It was a total surprise to win it, having no clue that I was even in the running.  It sits proudly on the mantle over the fireplace, and every now and again I glance at it and grin...remembering the hard work on 2nd Amendment issues so many people back then put into legislation.  It truly was an honor.

Australia.  While serving in the United States Navy, I was blessed to travel to Singapore, Africa, the Philippines and yes, the big island of Australia.  It was everything everyone said it would be and while I don't know that I'd ever go back if given the opportunity, I do know that it was an amazing place - though the Outback has plenty of snakes and I'm not big on snakes.

Blackened Blues Band.  The first band I put together here in Oklahoma, included the late Bill Frank who is greatly missed.  He wasn't the greatest musician, but damn, that boy put everything he had into every song.  Our first gig was a Blues Jam and Wail that just seemed to work.  The turnout was good, the people were fun and it was an opportunity to play with a bunch of different musicians and different styles.  Today, I play in my band (Organized Chaos) and with Wild Heart - a classic rock, progressive country band. 

Campaigns.  I've worked on a number of different campaigns - some in the forefront, others in a behind-the-scenes capacity and I have won most of the campaigns I worked on.  Campaigns are tough and without thick skin, can tear away at your very soul.  Sometimes the good guys (and gals) win, sometimes the bad guys win.  The process itself is taxing, difficult and requires the ability to babysit candidates and deal with some purposefully negative garbage.  It isn't for he faint of heart and while I have worked with the Trinity Foundation who investigates fraudulent televangelists, I must say that many within the campaign world make televangelists look like Saint John.  All of that being said, I admit that the few straggler friends I have kept as a result make it all worth while.

Oklahoma Legislative Committees.  I have had the honor to make presentations to two Oklahoma House of Representatives Committees in the last few years, the first being the Wildlife Committee in pitching the Constitutional protection of hunting and fishing in Oklahoma which was a huge success.  The second was at the invitation of Representative Joe Dorman wherein I had it out with two criminal defense attorneys over the issue of DUI legislation.  We did, however, make some progress in legislation and Dorman is to be commended for his work.  It was intense, to be sure, but wouldn't have traded the opportunity for anything.

Creed.  Creed is a band whom you either love or abhor.  I happen to love them and for my birthday a couple years ago, my wife surprised me with tickets for their show in Dallas and it was incredible.  They are wickedly talented musicians who really know how to put on one hell of a show. 

There are just a few that have come to mind and I am sure my mind will wander and stumble on to more repressed memories of things I've done, people I've seen and I'll share them with you.  In the interim, have fun and be safe.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Keeping Up

2011 is gone, 2012 is upon us and I have come to the realization that I don't have the informational multi-tasking capabilities I once possessed in my younger days.  For example, I watched the returns of the Iowa Caucus last night, flipping between news channels and found myself confused, befuddled and wondering how so many "professional pundits" could have such remarkably different takes.  Unless of course, they are on the take, as it were.

Trying to keep up with the 24/7 news cycle is a daunting task to be certain.  Change is everywhere and every other day, the news channels are fussing with their graphics, changing their lower thirds, their sweepers and now, even Mike McCarville has changed his website.  What is this world coming to? 

Last night at band practice, drummer Bob Griffiths made some comments to me about this blog, asking if I planned on getting after it more aggressively with the campaign season bearing down on us.  He mentioned a few news stories that I had only glossed over and I kind of told him that I blog when the mood strikes me, not republishing every stinking press release I get but rather when I feel like talking, I do.  He laughed and told me he appreciated it - probably because there is just so much to filter these days.

This is an election year and yes, there is a lot at stake, but there is a lot at stake every election.  In 2006, every congressional candidate ran with an agenda, one with a sense of urgency because either the illegal immigrants or the Islamic terrorists would soon take over America.  Of course, it didn't happen, but don't tell them that.  In 2008, we realized that nothing promised in 2006 would come to fruition and we pretty much accepted it.  In 2010, more of the same.  In 2012, we're probably going to get exactly what we ask for - anyone but Obama.  But at what cost?

It's hard to keep up these days because there are far too many information resources available.  I make no bones about the fact that this blog is, always will be, little more than one man's opinions about issues and some commentary on life.  I'm not trying to change the world through press release redistribution or hyperbole.  I'm just running my mouth when I should probably just quietly go somewhere dark and damp to die.

But I'm not ready for that yet.