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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rubbing Crap In Your Hair Crazy

Good heavens, this has been one hell of a crazy week.  At the top of the dung heap of political news this week is this bizarre conflagration taking place in the Oklahoma GOP.  State Chairman Randy Brogdon had decided that a fellow by the name of TC Ryan would make a good Executive Director for the party, but then assigned him to the post of Political Director because of his past transgressions.  And it has stirred up a turd storm.

TC Ryan plead guilty in 2012 to domestic abuse charges and has been an active, hardcore borderline Libertarian, but with a bit of an attitude.  Ryan met with some controversy a few years back when he posted a picture of himself flipping off a cardboard cutout of Mitt Romney.  Apparently, Romney was too much of a "Chamber type" for Ryan.  Brogdon considers Ryan to be a good friend and everyone knows that Brogdon's election came as a shock to most of the GOP because of his extremely so-called conservative views.  It was known at that moment that anyone who opposed Brogdon on any level would be labeled as an enemy to the conservative cause and a puppet to the Chamber.

Domestic violence is a big deal, no matter how the advocacy for Ryan tries to paint it.  It is a pimple on the rear end of our culture and men who think it's okay to beat up women (and do so in front of kids) should never be in a political position of power.  Ever.  

The legendary Mike McCarville and the McCarville Report has been under attack as well because he had the spinal integrity to post a few stories about the idiotic decision of Brogdon to hire Ryan as Executive Director and when pressured, did nothing more but demote him to Political Director.  McCarville has nailed it at every turn where this story is concerned and if you want up-to-date news about the ongoing soap opera called, "As the GOP Turns," stay with McCarville to get the truth.

In other news, the Oklahoma Democratic Party has completely missed the boat in terms of a public relations opportunity handed to them on a silver platter by former gubernatorial candidate, Randy Brogdon.  It's the way of the ODP since Borens left the scene and it looks like there is nothing new happening that will change the path they are on.  The mainstream Republicans are thankful that the ODP is confused and bewildered how to handle this situation. 

Perhaps they need to hire a Democrat pit bull with the attitude of Ryan to pull their heads out of the sand.

Wallace Collins, according to the Democratic Party website, is still the chair of the party and since he's been in that seat, well, not a lot has happened.  They've lost ground to the GOP in almost every district and it doesn't look like they have much of a plan to get themselves out of it.  They still have their strongholds, but they are losing ground and justifiably so.  Look at their 5th District Congressional candidate for just one of many problems with candidates.  Of course, having Pastor George Young head of their 5th District officers lineup isn't going to help them much.  

Of course, this is all just my opinion and I could be wrong.  But I seriously doubt it.