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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Humpty Hump Day Happenings

This week has brought us the great confederate flag conflagration of 2015 (see what I did there?) and it is mind-boggling just how intense the dialog has become.  Democrats are attributing slavery to Republicans, Republicans are slapping down the Democrats by saying that they are responsible for the lack of freedoms and the nightmare that the flag represents for some.  To me, and I'm probably wrong here, this kind of public bickering, the gnashing of teeth and wearing of sack cloth over this issue must paint a desperately infintile picture of who America has become.  It is just simply sad and pathetic.

Now.  Everyone take a deep breath.  Feel better?  Good.


The band I've been playing in will be at the Rockin' the Box Music Festival on July 25th (Saturday).  The festival is a three-day beast, starting Friday evening and ending Sunday evening.  Tickets are $10, however, if you purchase tickets for the whole event, there's quite a savings - $45 for three days, for two.

Our band, Signal 8, has been busting chops to put together an entertaining set that will make you smile and definitely make you want to jump up and down and celebrate.  Some of the other bands, the headliners like Left To Die are incredibly talented, artful musicians who are not only great players, but fun folks to be around.  We consider it an honor and a privilege to play with these folks.

It is an event of only Oklahoma/Dallas bands and is designed to spark a new fire for the appreciation and enjoyment of local music.  Do yourself a huge favor and pick up some tickets and enjoy the food trucks, the festival atmosphere, and the awesome music for the weekend.


Trump.  Donald Trump.  Wow.  Enough said.

The Oklahoma County Republicans, among others, are clamoring for the head of one of former State Senator Randy Brogdon's choices for staff at the Oklahoma GOP.  T.C. Ryan pled guilty to charges of domestic violence some time ago, and Brogdon has drawn his line in the sand over this cat.  He refuses to let him go or even entertain the idea.  This type of incident is only proving what haters of the Republican Party believe to be true.  Because of this alone, Brogdon will be a one-term GOP Chairman.  Maybe Ryan has been rehabilitated, maybe he's a swell, upstanding citizen these days - but his response and the response of his mentor is perceived as wickedly arrogant and aloof.  Ryan, in my opinion, should address this issue himself, take it on and make it his issue and not that of the GOP Chair.  It's just ate up with dumb ass to let it go this far and become this heated.  But then again, what in the hell do I know?

While the madness at the State GOP continues, the Oklahoma Democratic Party has once again shown that while they may be progressive in politics, they are horrible at public relations and being able to take advantage of the GOP's weakness right now.  Mark Hammons (State Chair) and Sarah Baker (so-called Communications Director) need to sack up and show that the ODP stands for something completely different than that of the Oklahoma GOP.  I'm not going to say much more, but if an individual has more than 50 functioning brain cells, it is obvious what type of media strategy they should embrace right now.

Well, at least it's Wednesday.  Merely two days away from the weekend.