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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cretins in the Mist

Nobody likes vandals.  Nobody likes to see the damage that vandals do on a regular basis.  But when it comes to political vandalism, it is an indicator that there truly is trouble in River City.  

I've written about Charlie Phillips previously in her bid to rehabilitate the staggering Oklahoma County Clerk's office and a few things have changed since our last correspondence.  Charlie has been doing all of the right things that politicians should do; parades, presenting her position, knocking doors, putting up signage, and meeting with future constituents.  Apparently, she has done a great job because politically-blind cretins have attacked her numerous signs and your lowly Gorilla has a few ideas as to why this is happening.

First, I am convinced that whomever recently sawed Charlie Phillips' billboard in quarters is a person who probably needs to have face time with a mental health professional.  For the reasons below, the type of individual or individuals who have defaced and destroyed her signs are a danger to our city and our county and should be dealt with according.

Charlie Phillips
Second, we often try to destroy what we fear.  Whomever defaced and destroyed her signs are afraid that now Charlie is the front runner and they need to reduce her name recognition by any means necessary; even if it means destroying private property.

Third, Charlie's opponents or opponents' supporters have committed a crime, but because it is a political set of signs, law enforcement might be reticent to get involved.  If they did and found out who was responsible, the news would probably rock the county at its core.

Fourth, political insiders often find it funny to destroy their opponents' signage.  That's right, there are those who are greatly amused by taking or destroying political signs.  It's sad, but during the election cycle, the cretins are easily awakened and they always find something with which to amuse themselves.

It's true that I've done work for Charlie and that I unashamedly support her for County Clerk.  If you recall my days on WKY, I was always critical of the incumbent and while there was another host who supported her because of his "regular employment," I never budged for even a second.  I haven't changed my mind and for those of you who know how greatly I despise the little oligarchy of elected officials in county government, it shouldn't be a surprise to you that I support Charlie Phillips for County Clerk.

Oh, and some of the signs that were vandalized yesterday were vandalized again today.  Bless their little pea-picking hearts.

Some of you reading this may consider defacing or destroying political signage to be no big deal or merely something to be expected in politics.  That's how bad things have gotten in politics when we expect bad stuff to happen.   However, I also say that you're part of the problem with the political process.  If you think it's funny, cute, sly, or even "the right thing to do" to vandalize the property of others, do us all a favor and don't breed.  

Of course, this is just my opinion and I could be wrong, but I'm not.