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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We Are Losing It

Scan the news today, particularly that being pushed on social media.  I dare you.  The stories of doom and gloom and horrific events are a little overwhelming.  Actually, they are a lot overwhelming.  It seems as though we are consumed by negativity, surrounded by blight, and yet we miraculously survive.  The panic, the chaos, and the level of hyperbole has reached epic proportions and I decided to write down a few notes about what I've seen today (and over the last few days) to share with you.

Pakistan, Mexico:  Yes, the SHTF in those two countries as a result of natural disasters.  Tragic as all hell, no one can applaud when horrific things like that take place, to be sure.  Churches are falling all over themselves to pray and try to find some kind of help for the people of Mexico as well as the people of Pakistan.  Let's think about this rationally for a moment, shall we?  Pakistan is a nuclear-capable nation who has been tinkling on the boots of India (another nuclear power) for a long time now and it isn't getting any better and the puddle is getting larger.  Oh, and by the way...Pakistan is where we found, shot, and killed Osama Bin Laden.  How have we forgotten this? Our government stopped asking questions once his life was terminated, but these questions about why the Pakistani government didn't nail his ass a long time prior befuddles those of us who are still awake.

And then there's Mexico with their cartel-run establishment who has the potential to be an energy producing behemoth, but have instead decided that drugs and human trafficking is the way to grow their GDP.    Sure, we're supposed to pray, but I suggest that we be careful what and whom we pray for because it could come back and bite us.

And speaking of praying and perhaps meeting need, has anyone taken a look at what is happening with the poor in Oklahoma City?  We are furious about how foreign governments treat their citizens while we are doing the very same damned thing to our citizens.  Whether it be the anti-panhandling propaganda or the loss of affordable housing, we have some explaining to do.

President Obama:  The GOP seems to forget that he is term-limited and won't be on the ticket in 2016.  What is happening is that the pollsters still see the President as a hot button issue among the GOP faithful, so the consultants for this band of blathering boobs attack the President as though he was their primary competitor.  I'm serious, folks.  This is exactly what they are doing!  They look at the polling numbers just like any product marketing professional would and  create a message predicated on what the numbers show the constituency to prefer.

Simply put:  They are using information you provide to sell you a product (candidate) you have said that you want. They are packaging dog feces and telling you its caviar.

I think it was John Calvin who said, "The demons whisper in the ears of the false prophets and they repeat every word of it."  And the elitist within the GOP apparatus wonders why Trump is polling so well?  He appears to be a real person whereas the others are thought of as demagogues with a teleprompter.   It's agonizing to watch and even more pathetic to be a part of it all.  They are marketers of a message; trying to convince you that they are better than the next one, but they are just marketing professionals.  Bill Hicks said it best:

We have become so blind to the falsehoods of the messages we receive that we are really starting to lose our grasp of reality.  A huge percentage of the Evangelical community lost their damned minds over John Hagee and his bullsh*t "Blood Moon" hype.  It makes you want to cuss it's so ludicrous.

Wake up, friends.  We have people in this country with little to eat, fear of losing their shelter, and that's stress that most of the propagandists cannot understand.  Most of them have lived sheltered, entitled lives but they have the audacity to bitch and moan and cover themselves in sack cloth and ashes about welfare;  this while their corporations, their businesses are receiving corporate welfare.  Of course, it has more to do with favors to campaign contributors, but that's a whole different story.

These are just my opinions and I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it.