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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spun to High Rotation

A couple years ago I wrote a blog about the language being used to manipulate and bend the minds of the American people until it is so twisted, that reality has no bearing whatsoever.  The mere headlines makes one want to build a compound and start stockpiling food, weapons, and ammo.  Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck (whom I am sure has lost his mind), and the Drudge Report feed us headlines that are designed to divide us, scare the shite out of us, and make us distrustful of virtually everyone on the planet who disagrees with their points of view. 

And it is this way by design, sheeple.  My conservative friends who watch Fox News like it were the Gospel Channel are so misled that it is deeply saddening.  On the other end of the spectrum, MSNBC has become the same idolatry for the liberal left. 

If you doubt me, here are a few of the Drudge Report's headlines:

Bibi On the Brink
Solar Eclipse, Supermoon, Spring Equinox:  Friday Will See Three Rare Celestial Events
Powerful Geomagnetic Storm Hits Earth
Fidel Castro Warns Venezuela Is Ready to Confront USA on Sanctions
THE ECONOMIST:  Immigration Has Ushered In 'Era of White Decline'
Disabled Mom Forced to Train Foreign Worker Imported to Replace Her
STUDY:  Workplace Suicides On Rise

Why?  Why are these stories valuable?  Some are clearly race-bating ("White Decline") while others are just hype to create a panic ("Workplace Suicides").  When is the last time Drudge, Hannity, Limbaugh, or Ingraham have seriously discussed the issue of homeless veterans?  Or the suicide rate of veterans?  It's pure, unadulterated insanity cloaked as legitimate news. 

So, where are we to turn for news that is current, informative, policy-related, and objective?  We can't trust blogs (even this one) to provide an unbiased view because my blog, for example, is covered with sarcasm and editorializing.  NPR or Public Television?  Of course not.  Even Sesame Street is permeated with the stench of agendas.  For me, the best place to get news is from Stars & Stripes, the Associated Press, and many local, small town papers.

Social media is what it is - social and fundamentally unreliable.  Great for networking, great for the development of new friends and finding family, but it is also a haven for hatred, bigotry, racism, and leftist propaganda at the same time.  It is ridiculous to think that any form of social media will provide objective news and information.

I started a website a little while ago, www.MyVeteransNews.com, to provide a little emotional commentary alongside the joyous as well as tragic stories about America's armed forces.  The story suggestions received from readers are often very good, but every now and again, a nutbag slips through and I have to read their request three or four times just to figure out whether or not they have any functioning brain cells left.  

Maybe it's my advancing years, maybe it's the fact that I've lived with daily pain for the last three years, maybe it's that I have seen enough hatred to finally be sickened by it.  Whatever the causal factors, I've reached a point where righteous indignation is justified but anger and hatred just for the sake of the same are a waste of energy and human resources. 

Yeah.  We really do need to just get along, try and love each other, learn forgiveness, put politics in its proper place, practice the faith we proclaim to possess, hold elected officials accountable, understand that the Constitution is not canon, people have value, and the good of our nation is more important than feigned patriotism.  Aren't you tired of it yet?  Democrats pissing on Republicans, Republicans pissing on Democrats, and Libertarians pissing on both parties.  It's old and it's silly.

This is just my opinion and I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it.