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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Plan: Talk About A Plan

Some day, I plan to see the Grand Canyon.  Some day, I plan to once again ski Whistler/Blackcomb mountains.  One day, I plan to see my kids head off to college.  We all have plans and apparently, Congresswoman Fallin has a few plans too for when she is elected governor of the great state of Oklahoma, but you'd be hard-pressed to find said plans anywhere in writing, so we're forced to simply take her at her word.

Her new ad claims she is the "only conservative" in the race for Governor and I suppose we're to take that at face value.  She's been endorsed by the NFIB - a small business lobbying group.  And of course, she stood up to Obamacare.  The ad also informs us that she supports the Arizona immigration law - which is horrifyingly ironic because the biggest problem with illegal immigration has been caused by inactivity in Congress...where she has served for the last four years.

She has a plan to:
Lower Taxes
Reduce Government Spending
Bring New Jobs

But we don't know what those plans are, or how she intends to lower taxes, reduce government spending or to bring new jobs to Oklahoma.  Can't find the "plans" on her website.  Can't find her plans for any of the three anywhere.

But that's kind of what we expect in this election cycle, isn't it?  Talk about a plan without really telling what that plan entails.  We have heard over and over again that we need to lower taxes, we need to reduce government spending and we need to bring new jobs to Oklahoma but not a damned one of the Republican or Democratic candidates have shared with us just how in the hell they propose to do just that.  Instead, we're being pumped full of feel-good messages that pollsters have vetted and makes us feel all tingly inside.

Well, here's Mary's new ad.  Enjoy.