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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Conservative Values Win At House Caucus

Photo courtesy of Don Spencer
There was much chastisement and gnashing of teeth when the word got out conservatives wanted to let the Speaker-elect know that he and his leadership team would be held accountable this legislative session.  While Kris Steele may have wanted to blame the Oklahoman for manufacturing controversy, the reality is that he himself is/was to blame for the blinding spotlight of accountability shined upon his forehead. 

Insiders say that the legislative agenda will be announced sometime today but here is a sneak peek at what we can expect from House Republican leadership:

*No Tax Increases
*Advancement In Second Amendment Rights (probably open-carry legislation)
*Meaningful Illegal Immigration Reform
*Defense of Home Schooling Rights
*Support of State's Rights (10th Amendment)
*Promotion of Judeo-Christian Values

In the establishment of said agenda, there was some controversy. 
1.  Representative Randy Terrill wanted to include a pledge in the agenda to ban any tax increases.  Speaker-elect Steele allegedly argued against it, Terrill won.
2.  Representative Terrill wanted to include the phrase, "Promote traditional Judeo-Christian values" in the agenda.  Shockingly, Speaker-elect Steele personally argued to strike the words "Judeo-Christian" from the plank.  Steele, Hickman and the rest of the leadership team voted to take the words out of the agenda, no doubt trying to appease the Chamber crowd who wined and dined them previously.  The fight ensued, seeing even the moderate Ann Coody becoming upset and Sally Kern was not to happy either.  At the end, the caucus voted with Randy Terrill. 

The Speaker-elect decided to openly argue against many of the measures, which isn't that surprising to those of us who know Steele and where he's coming from. 

The protest worked.  Despite less than 100 people showing up to brave the cold, the message was communicated, received and the House leadership knows that they will be held accountable.  If the meeting were held in Oklahoma City on a weekend, the numbers would have been substantially higher and they know this.

More to follow...