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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Carol Hefner Finances, Goza Hot Rod

The Oklahoman's John Estus provided voters of Senate District 47 with an interesting look at two of their candidates.  Carol Hefner and Kenny Goza are remarkably different people with remarkably different backgrounds.  Hefner is, well, a Hefner and Goza is a self-made man who grew up in the foster care system.  But the Oklahoman does a pretty good job of being fair.

From the article (here):
Hefner said she decided to stop paying her credit card bill because of fees she disagreed with.
“This is an issue of fiscal responsibility. People have to hold these large debit and credit corporations accountable for good practices and that's what I chose to do,” Hefner said.
Hefner said she stopped paying the credit card bill for about three months.
In addition, a foreclosure against Hefner and her husband was dismissed last year when they refinanced the $319,580 mortgage on their Edmond home, court records show.
“It's just big dogs trying to push you around. That's all that was,” Hefner said.
A 2009 lawsuit against the Hefners regarding unpaid car payments on a 2006 Land Rover was dismissed within a few days of it being filed.
Hefner said the Land Rover was her husband's car and she didn't know about the lawsuit.
Hefner is touting herself as the family values candidate in the race, but how in the heck does she NOT know about a lawsuit against her husband?  Doesn't make sense to me.
Goza has some issues too, but they are from 1994 - not recent and are polar opposites.  While Hefner gets attention for not paying for her toys, Goza gets attention for protecting his:
Senate District 47 candidate Kenny Goza, 41, and another man, Jason Long, filed protective orders against one another in 1994 in Cleveland County, court records show.
Goza, who is now an attorney, said the filings were the result of a dispute about his hot rod.
“Back in those days, I had a hot rod and I didn't like anybody being around my hot rod and I was very protective of it,” Goza said. “(Long), I guess, was jealous, and had threatened to slash my tires once and I didn't take that too lightly.”
Bottom line:  With the exception of perhaps James Lankford, no candidate for public office is lily-white, but the contrast between these two Senate District 47 candidates could not be more stark.  Of course, career political insider Greg Treat is probably liking this more than just a little bit.  Treat is well-liked by GOP staffers because, well, Treat has been one his whole adult life.  But I digress.

Read John Estus' story in its entirety here.