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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Evolution Of Sally Kern(servative)

Sally before...
State Representative Sally Kern is the darling of the Oklahoma conservative movement and when she was elected, residents of her House District pretty much knew what they were going to get.  Sally has never really focused on fiscal conservative issues or even constitutionally conservative issues such as the 10th Amendment, 2nd Amendment or 4th Amendment.  Sally has been aggressively fighting against the "gay agenda" in the past but now, it's those pesky teachers who teach evolution in schools.

Sally has, well, evolved.  No longer is her hair cropped short and masculine, now it is longer and much softer and dare I say it...feminine.  Sally is a former teacher, the wife of a Baptist pastor, so it isn't horribly surprising when we see bills such as Sally's HB1551.

Sally after makeover
What is this bill?  Well, according to Sally, it isn't a "creationism bill," but is filled with jibber jabber that doesn't really make much sense.  But you go to Sally's website and it's clear what she is trying to do - to force teachers to teach the weaknesses of evolutionary theory:
Those individuals who are calling this bill a creation bill are only casting their own conceptions upon the bill.  Why do those who only want the strengths of evolution taught fear it when someone proposes teaching its weaknesses?  There are weaknesses to evolution that many of the major proponents of it speak about themselves.  True education consists of examining all sides of an issue.  Critical thinking skills are sharpened when an issue, regardless of what it may be, is examined, analyzed, and explored from all scientific points of view.
When I saw Sally at a forum talking about "getting more money into the classroom," this isn't what I thought she had in mind.  I like Sally.  She is fun and a good Christian woman.  She is a person who does not lack the courage of her convictions and for that, she is to be commended.

I wonder if these were the "social conservative" bills, however, that Kris Steele said the Republican leadership would NOT focus upon during this session...