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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Live In Strange Times

Judges being charged with crimes, a nutcase shooting and killing people in Tucson, gasoline hitting $3/gallon...and then there's the whole "to the victor go the spoils" thing in Oklahoma politics where elected officials are making some questionable hires.  It is as though we're living in a movie produced by the love child of Oliver Stone and John Waters. 

Here are some of the interesting stories I have run across today.  Thought I would share them with you.

Republican Lawmakers Taking Aim At U.N.:  The newly elected fiscal conservatives are beginning the fat-trimming with a hack at the massive .1% of the budget the United Nations consumes.  The United Nations hasn't been on the Christmas Card list of conservatives (probably because most of the UN members find Christmas offensive), but we have to ask ourselves whether or not this is the way to begin the budget trimming.  My thinking would be to take a long, hard look at earmarks and pork spending.  But what the hell do I know? 

Judicial Races To Be Partisan?  According to a friend of mine who used to serve in the legislature, there is a bill by State Senator Anthony Sykes to make judicial races partisan.  On the other hand, State Representative Randy Grau has authored legislation to make some races non-partisan.  Which is it?  Partisan or non-partisan?  If it's true, Sykes' bill will probably not get too much attention and hopefully will be killed in committee.   That is, unless there are a few of the consultants who spend more time under the methane gas filled dome than do most legislator who decide they like the bill because it represents potential revenue production for them.  My opinion on this is that judicial races should in no way be partisan. 

Felony To Be At A Dog Fight:  Representative Paul Wesselhoft has apparently filed a bill that would make it a felony to simply BE at a dog fight, let alone be a participant.  Keep in mind that this is the same State Representative who wanted to ban pitbulls, to require law enforcement to take a DNA sample at the point of felony arrest...this guy likes the "F" word.  Felony.  How about he author legislation to make it a felony to drive drunk?  Paul is running for the State Senate, facing one of the Tea Party leadership.  I like Paul a lot, but this guy is felony-happy.  We don't need more Nanny State government...we need less.

Democrats Reaching On Esk:  The Democratic chat board, Demookie.com has posted a story on a Tea Party member who is in a bit of trouble with the law, but then goes on to make some pretty interesting allegations and inferences.  The story talks about Charlie Meadows from OCPAC, talks about State Representative Charles Key and mentions a hand-selected group of Esk's Facebook friends - myself included.  The motivation for their reaching in such a manner is suspect and I personally don't like the implications whatsoever.  As one contributor to the thread said, it is "borderline libelous."  But, the Democrats have had their collective asses handed to them in Oklahoma and across the nation so it is really to be expected for them to make huge leaps in order to prove an otherwise unprovable point. 

Ritz To The Rescue:  By now you've probably heard of Judge Tammy Bass-LeSure and her legal troubles.  First, the District Attorney got her off of the Ersland case, now she's being charged with all kinds of insanity.  Representative Mike Ritz, however, wants to get her booted from the bench.  It's an interesting story and many people tend to agree with the guy.

Well, more to follow...