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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Republican Pile-On For Barresi

The full force of the Republican leadership of Oklahoma is ready to have a field day with the Oklahoma Board of Education and Tim Gilpin has no idea just what he has done.  Giving Barresi grief over a couple hires that are clearly Constitutional and void of any statutory requirements was one of the biggest mistakes the Board of Education may have ever done.  Other than perhaps having a Worker's Comp attorney serve on the Board.

The McCarville Report is listing all of the Republican leaders who have come out against Tim Gilpin and the Board of Education.  They are as follows:

Speaker of the House, Kris Steele.  Board of Education can expect EVERY education reform bill to be passed through committee now. 

Senate President Pro Tempore, Brian Bingman.  Likewise in the Senate, education reform will be fast-tracked.

OCPA.  Even the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs has ripped this one.

If I'm Tim Gilpin, I'm running for cover and learning to keep my mouth shut.  Gilpin may have just sealed the deal for education reform in Oklahoma and the Board may have to be restructured.  Be careful what you ask for, Tim, you're about to get it.  In spades.