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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time Flies, Times Change

Looking at this blog, I realized that I hadn't written anything in a few days and I was shocked - SHOCKED, I tell you.  As a man who rarely is at a loss for words, perhaps it was merely my subconscious mind telling me that I had actually written, primarily because I had spent so much time answering emails.  Alas, I was wrong and I offer my most sincere apologies.  Well, maybe not so sincere, but apologies nonetheless.  Time flies when you're living life.

And speaking of time, times have changed a great deal since I was in school.  I remember awards ceremonies being a big deal because receiving awards was, well, a big deal.  I attended Mason and Madison's Bridgecreek Middle School awards ceremony last evening and I suppose what shocked me is how many students received awards which, in my mind, detracts from those who actually busted their humps to do well in academics.  My son, Mason, received awards for being well above the curve in his mandatory test subjects, a Student of the Month award, and another for being a part of the academic team.  My daughter two awards for her academic achievement.

Proud of them both.

What was surprising, however, is that the school gave out awards not only for the students who received straight "A's" on their report cards, but each teacher gave out a male and female favorite student award.  And if that wasn't bizarre enough, the school gave out awards for students who received "A's" and "B's."   Maybe I am just getting too old, but it seems to me that rather than raising the bar of academic achievement, but we're actually decreasing our standards to such a level that in a few years, schools will be handing out awards for kids who merely attend class.  Worse yet, maybe they will give out the "Superintendent's Parolee Award" - given to students who were out on parole.

I am proud of all my kids - they all do very well in academics because they have been raised to understand that academics are a priority.  Football is fine, DECA is fine, but what really matters is hunkering down and studying on a daily basis and being the best they could possibly be.  My kids know that school is all about academics and not extracurricular activities, though they too can be important when taken in moderation.  Their school experiences right now, will shape the rest of their lives. 

Yes, my friends, times are changing.