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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Boren Bonus? Stand By...

Congressman Dan Boren is going to be leaving the halls of Congress, more than likely to pursue a job with the Grand River Dam Authority (according to McCarville), and that would most assuredly mean a pay raise and much better scenery than what he is used to.  It would be a major bonus for the Congressman, as the politics of Washington's lone Democrat from the Oklahoma delegation must be wearing on him.

Possible Democratic candidate, Kenneth Corn
What does this mean for Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District?  Well, it means that the Republicans will be lining up for the job like kids at a doughnut give-away.  George Faught is but one of the names being mentioned right now, and there will no doubt be plenty more who will feel as though the time is right for a Republican takeover of the 2nd District.  You can rest assured that Republican consultants are already on the hunt for a candidate with deep pockets and Matt Pinnell, Oklahoma's GOP Chair, will work his tail off to ensure the Republican candidates get all they need.

But not so fast - there will be a few hardened Democrats running for the seat as well.   Movement is already underway to recruit former State Senator Kenneth Corn for the job.  Corn is a Blue Dog who is a gun owner and has worked well with House Representatives like Richardson to pass legislation regarding hunting and fishing in Oklahoma.  Corn is also a friend of many veterans groups in the state of Oklahoma and is regarded as an honest, hard-working man of his word.  Truth is that I have hunted with Kenneth Corn in Southeast Oklahoma and he is very well-regarded in those parts.  And he is a hoot to hunt with.

Other Democrats such as Brad Carson have been mentioned, but Carson has been out of the loop for a long time.  Another is Mike Brown, but again, doesn't have the stroke of a Corn.

In any event, this should be the political race of the century and whomever the Republican candidate will be for the district, he/she will receive support from virtually every statewide elected official because, well, they are all Republicans.