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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Watercooler Jibber Jabber

Friends, this has been an incredible week for news junkies and lovers of juicy rumors and even though the weekend approaches with all the fury and gusto of a teenage boy on prom night, there is still lots to watch and talk about.  Let's dive in, shall we?

Ferguson, MO - The community that just keeps on giving us news upon news.  The Reverend Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton showed up to show their support, hand out business cards and no doubt recruit individuals on their crusades to save the masses through propaganda and fundraising.  The community of Ferguson is trying to get a grip on just how jacked up they are and frankly, the jury may be out for a while.  Riots, looting, peaceful protests and jack-booted thugs posing as law enforcement have all left their mark on the landscape of that community and this Gorilla thinks it will be a very, very long time before they recover.  The only way recovery can begin is for the police department to admit fault for killing an unarmed man.  Nothing else really matters except that cold, hard fact.  It's sad that the issues there have been diluted and turned into ridiculous sound byte moments.

Gorilla Confession:  For the last week, I've physically felt better than I have in quite some time and with the exception of a few rough moments of chest pains and digestive pain, it's been an overall good week.  I confess to you, my friends, that there are times when I feel so horrible that I want to bash in my own skull with a sledgehammer, but something always brings me back to reality and reminds me that I'm bigger than the pain, that I can use that pain and channel it elsewhere.  Life is tough sometimes and mine is no different.  One thing I have learned, however, is the true meaning of the saying that we are all created in the imago Dei (image of God) and should be respected for that reason alone.  I also confess that the pain coupled with a new medication regiment has made me more than just a little cranky at times.  In fact, it makes me so uncomfortable at times that I want to bite walls.  But, with the prayers and well wishes of y'all, I live to fight and blather on for yet another day.  Thank you.

Photo courtesy KGOU
Fallin/Dorman Thriller:  The saga continues for the two candidates running for Governor, one the well known and popular incumbent, the other a little known state representative from Rush Springs (home of the Watermelon Festival).  Joe Dorman is someone I consider a friend, a man with whom I've shared deer camp and cold beer over a camp fire.  He's a damned good man and yes, he'd make a very good governor of this great state.  That being said, I have people for whom I have an enormous amount of respect in the Fallin camp and they truly believe in what Governor Fallin has in mind for her office after reelection.  I've talked to the Governor personally quite a few times over the years and yes, she is a very charming and disarming individual and she hasn't really screwed anything up as Governor.  That, my friends, is the real litmus test in Oklahoma - whether or not you can just not screw anything up during your tenure.  All that being said, I have no pony in the race and wish only the best for both candidates.  Yeah...that's me hedging my bets.

From the "Get the hell out of here" file - By 2025 Sexbots will be commonplace:  I, for one, call bullsh*t on this one.  The story is sensational to be sure, and is rather emblematic of our cultural inability to be intimate with one another in a real way that transcends merely the exchange of bodily fluids.  Some may believe the answer is robot sex partners, I am not one of them.  Read the whole incredible, borderline sickening story here.

Well kids, that's it for now.  Have a safe and sane weekend.