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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stupid Freaking Laws, Regulations & Stuff

There is so much about the great state of Oklahoma that I care for, it's saddening to see the place be overrun with dumbass laws and lawmakers trying to create more and more dumbass laws.  Of course, many of the lawmakers ARE dumbasses, so we shouldn't be too surprised.  Let's take a trip down Dumbass Lane and see what we find, shall we?

Tougher Divorce?  Really?
One lawmaker decided that she should make it tougher for individuals to get divorced and that would somehow create a godly marriage utopia wherein we will all live happily ever after and Jesus would smile upon us.  Yeah.  It's just that stupid.  If they want to get serious about the divorce rate, how about make it tougher to GET married.  One of the reasons that people get divorced these days is because they have no freaking clue whatsoever they were getting themselves into.  The Church has so idolized the institution of marriage that it is in the minds of some to be a Holy Grail of our existence, a pinnacle to be reached beyond all other goals and desires of the human existence.  So, they go in blindly, thinking that all will be wonderful and the heavens will open up and they will be fulfilling the will of God.  You see how stupid this is?  If we are serious about the divorce rate, we'll make it tougher to get married.  Period.  Everything else is just poppycock.

Weed It Out
Alcohol and tobacco are legal in the state of Oklahoma and the state coffers are kept pretty damned full from the purchase of said products.  One former legislator who was instrumental in seeing an increase in the taxes on tobacco products argued that tobacco is just so horrible for us, but when asked why he didn't author legislation to ban the products, he laughed because the state needs that money to pay his and other useless piles of dung who are elected officials.  So, we see ourselves filling the coffers with alcohol and tobacco...and we know that both substances are killing Oklahomans...but it's still illegal to smoke weed in the state of Oklahoma.  That, my friends, is about as dumbass as it comes. 

ISIS Must Be Destroyed
Not being a fan of preemptive war, I think the time has come to send an exceptionally strong message to the scumbag pieces of crap in the Middle East who have dubbed themselves "ISIS."  Their behavior a radical Islamists is bad enough, and now, they are taking it to a new level and we had damned well better respond and do so with fierce vengeance.  The solution is relatively simple:  We use our SOGs to surgically remove them from the planet.  To hell with the Geneva Convention, the time to change the rules of engagement are now.  No more beheadings.  No more acts of terrorism.  We need to send our SEALs or Rangers in to take care of business and wipe the earth clean of these vermin.  If we do not, we're sending a message that we're a bunch of sissified big talkers.  And before you start thinking my position is based on that of race, the last asshat to behead an innocent was/is a British citizen and I believe that he, like the rest of the terrorists, should be killed swiftly and painfully.  All who love and know him should weep and mourn his loss as we mourn the loss of our innocent brothers and sisters.  It's time to send our SEALs in to kill these bastards.  Period.

Of course, these are just my opinions, and I could be wrong.  But I seriously doubt it.