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Monday, February 02, 2015

Sunday Night Lights

Well, my Seahawks blew it at the end of the game by calling a pass rather than giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch to run it up the middle for the game-winning score.  Wilson was intercepted and, as you all know by now, the Patriots are now Super Bowl Champions or the fourth time.  Now all the jokes will be coming about, calling the Seahawks "one hit wonders" - the problem with that analogy is that the reality of the situation is that they played a good game and will be back.  Congrats to the New England Patriots and their fan base because they deserve the win.

Revelation:  Had a bit of a revelation this weekend and it startled quite a few people apparently.  I wrote a blog about a suicide by going through a journal of events leading up to the suicide.  A few people thought that I was talking of myself, that I may be suicidal.  They contacted me, expressed their thoughts and concerns and it was quite moving.  Then the revelation slapped me in the face:  One can never have too many of the right kind of friends.  As ridiculous as that may sound, it's the truth.  And there should be a couple of people in our lives to whom we hold ourselves accountable.  I don't mean babysitting our silly asses, but rather people who know us intimately, not ashamed of you and want to be a part of your life.  It's a big deal.  It really is.

Oh, look at the shiny thing:  I also learned this weekend that there are desires we have that seem to consume us at times.  It could be the cravings for more money, more sex, and even more attention.  Often, these desires and cravings are perfectly normal, absolutely healthy.  Other times, they are just wicked distractions that take us off the beaten path of our destiny.  Personally, I've been like a 230lb Chihuahua; nervous, anxious, quick to bark and even snap sometimes.  The small critters are easily distracted by any little shiny thing that crosses their paths.  I too am like that, easily taken off course, frustrated with by the littlest of things, and unfortunately, prone to forgetting what really matters at times.  I've spent way too much time in my life searching my past for solutions to today's problems.  I'm a big, dumb animal folks.

The dumb stuff:  Okay, so my stomach has been bothering me and often, eating hearty foods makes me sicker and the pain increased.  So what did I do Saturday evening?  I made a pan of pasta with Italian sausage and topped with about a pound of mozzarella cheese.  Brilliant move, I tell you.  To be honest, I actually forgot that I was not supposed to eat that type of crap but once I got started cooking, I lost my damned mind.   That was pretty dumb even for me.

What the week may bring:  First, we'll be hearing from hungover Patriot fans, letting us know that their team is the greatest thing since perforated toilet tissue.  Of course if my Seahawks would have won, I'd be one of those annoying, loud mouthed bastards as well.  Second, the unknown variable in our lives.  That one thing that will happen to each of us that will either piss us off royally, or tickle us to the point of almost piddling in our britches.  Either way, that unknown variable is what truly separates us from the rest of the primates - that and the ability to use cutlery.  It's in those exciting, unforeseen moments that make us truly human and if we have our eyes fully open, we will be sensitive to those around us struggling with their unknown variable. 

So, let's gather together this week in one mind and spirit to be servants of one another.  Let's try and be kind to someone whom we would normally want to gut like a fish and eat their entrails.  It won't be easy, but it is completely attainable.  Good luck!