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Monday, March 02, 2015

Quit Complaining

Certainly you've heard the saying, "you play the cards you're dealt," and it can easily be applied to emotions, to habits, and even to our own emotional well-being.  One of the places it truly applies (or at least should), is in the political arena.  Multitudes despise the POTUS, others appreciate him or at least don't hate him.  Regardless of which side you fall on, you have to admit that the sour grapes have followed this President from the moment the election results were made official.  I'm not a huge fan of the guy, but it just seems silly how negative people are towards him.

When the left attacked George W. Bush, the GOP wasn't very happy about it and stomped their feet and threw a big hissy fit.  They called it "unfair," and most importantly, "disrespectful to the office of President."  You see, I agree with that.

I served in the United States Navy and I learned very quickly that the Commander In Chief deserves respect because the office warrants respect.  I felt that way when I served, and I have always felt that way.  And the very people who pissed their pants over "W" being insulted are now the ones who are denigrating the office of the President with impunity.

Sure, you can call me a liberal, you can stomp your feet and hold your breath.  I don't care.  If you are insulting the President just for the sake of insulting him, you're an idiot whose gene pool is similar to that found in an Arkansas trailer park. 

There is no need to complain about the President because I blame the GOP for his election - both times.  During the first election, the thought was that Clinton would be running and would walk away with it.  The strategists and overpaid consultants thought that McCain would be the best one to run against Hillary, therefore, the full press was on and millions were spent branding him as the "experienced and mature" choice for the GOP.  Unfortunately, he turned out to be three IQ points above being a completely senile moron and his running mate?  Sarah Palin?  Really?  Dear God in heaven.

During the last Presidential election, we in the GOP went in the direction of cash - yet another result of greedy, asshat consultants who wanted a piece of the massive Romney pie.  So, who did he pick as a running mate?  Paul Ryan.  Who?  Exactly.  Romney's massive wealth combined with his complete inability to connect with the average voter may have made a lot of money for consultants, but the aggregate result was four more years of President Obama.

And the GOP deserved to lose.

In the next election, the GOP will be pushing the mega-bucks star Jeb Bush.  And the GOP will lose again.

The GOP cannot expect to accomplish anything by putting up candidates who are either nuts or rich bastards.  It's insane and the GOP needs to shut the hell up and stop complaining.  This is the GOP's fault, not the "evil liberal Democrats."  All the energy being spent gnashing our teeth at this point is nothing more than political masturbation - it feels good, but produces no results.  It's time to start seriously vetting candidates and stop swallowing the gruel GOP consultants are shoving down our throats.

Of course, this only my opinion and I could be wrong.  But I seriously doubt it.