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Monday, April 27, 2015

It Could Be Worse

Crazy bastard
Without question, we live in some of the most bizarre times in the history of humankind.  We have technology (such as this) to communicate with one another instantly, we have cascades of multi-family housing units but no "community", and we have a political system that while broken, it tries to work.  Well, for the most part.

There are a lot of naysayers, including myself at times, who like to tinkle on everything and just be contrarian simply for the sake of being contrarian.  On the other hand, there are folks who feed off of the negativity, who work hard at keeping us all ginned up about this topic or another.  There are people in this world who are hell bent on vengeance, for what they believe is a little piece of justice in light of all the chaos. It all sucks, but it really could be worse.  Take a look:

1.  Religious Legislation:  The fact that we have legislators who believe that there should be some theocratic hierarchy in the State of Oklahoma and across the nation is nothing compared to how bad it really could be.  We have the right and ability to vote out most of these dingleberries and usher in some real change.  They aren't making folks wear scarlet letters either.  Yet.

2.  Demise of Talk Radio:  What passes for national talk radio these days is pathetic.  It's the same bunch of talking heads spouting the same tripe as though they are reading from the same talking points memo - which they are.  And local talk radio?  It doesn't exist.  Not really, anyway.  On one station, it's now cantina music - you've probably heard it playing at Pablano Grill.  On another station, you have a shill for any neo-conservative point of view that might put money in the host's pocket.  It's little more than a sounding board for potential clients and amateurish pabulum and it really isn't good radio.  Then, there's the "big dog" - the station that used to be the gold standard in Oklahoma for talk radio with the likes of the legendary Mike McCarville.  Now, it's just horrid.  I mean, really.  Rick Roberts?  Really?  But you know what, kids, it could be worse.  We could have no talk radio at all.  Wait.  That might not be so bad.

3.  Dexter:  I had to throw this in.  The ending sucked.  Bring the show back and try again.  BUT, it could be worse.  It could have had an ending like LOST.  Blech.

4.  Freedom:  As mentioned previously, government is as screwed up as a soup sandwich and there are cases where one could easily say that Americans are losing some of their freedoms.  But over all, it's still the greatest country in the world.  Our freedom is the calling card for the joys of what America is all about.  Of course, we tend to treat veterans like shit - unless they are elected officials, but we are still worth fighting for.

5.  Mulligans:  In life, we all make a ton of mistakes and I don't care how holy you think you are, spend 10 minutes in a room with me alone and I can expose all of your darkness.  One thing that is great about life though is that many of us get second chances; mulligans, if you will.  Most of us don't deserve them, but somehow the Creator once in a while looks down from on high and gives us a chance to start over, an opportunity to love rather than hate.  Imagine an existence where no forgiveness, no mercy existed whatsoever.  It would be pure pandemonium.  I'm thankful and filled to overflowing with gratitude for the mulligans I've had in my lifetime.

6.  Country Music:  I tease a lot about country music because for the most part, I can't stand it.  But, I often tell myself that it could be a whole lot worse...we could be stuck with Michael Bolton 24/7.

7.  Judicial System:  Okay, we're not the Taliban by any stretch of the imagination, but we do have some problems with our judicial system that makes many of us vomit.  

So, you see my friends, it could always be much worse.  Life is generally good if we can live in a place where grace and mercy are at the forefront of importance.  I say this as a person who openly accepts the fact that I don't deserve mercy, but rather torment and agony for the rest of eternity.  But sometimes, we get a taste of freedom, a taste of forgiveness, and it gives us hope.  If a scumbag like me can get a mulligan, imagine the possibilities for you.

I confess - there have been times where all I wanted to do was put a bullet in my head or to swallow a bunch of pills to hold the hounds at bay.  Then, miraculously, something happens and I get a sense of peace, a kind gesture, a smile from someone, or someone's generosity stands out and becomes a benchmark for me to strive for in my life.

Where there is breath, there is life.  So, just breathe.

The artist formerly known as the 
"400lb Gorilla of Oklahoma Media."