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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

What's Good for President Bush is Good for President Obama

There is a solid argument for mandatory military service in this country and it is evidenced by the hatred and anger about our President.  Military service would show these miscreants how disrespecting the office of the POTUS is, and always will be, uncalled for and our children are learning from us that it's okay.  

Future generations are learning right here and right now that virtually every form of authority is a bad thing and should be defied and defamed.  It used to be an issue of the far left and some of the borderline anarchist views of life.  But then, America elected a President named "Obama," and it was like an open invitation to be asses.  

Think about this...

Law enforcement is questioned at every turn about their tactics and efforts to stop the bad guys from doing bad things.  There are always going to be a handful of jackasses on the force who do not play by the rules and they should be (and are) dealt with decisively.  Now, children from families on both sided of the aisle have a disdain for the men and women who awaken every day, willing to kill or be killed to make our communities safe.  They do a job that 90% of the population would piss their pants even attempting.  

Teachers are another segment of our population that is disrespected and their authority questioned.  Our children's teachers are the first leaders they experience in a social environment.  The extreme right believes that teachers are overpaid and the rest of the universe feel as though they should be paid a hell of a lot more than they are right now.  After all, they are overseeing the education of a generation of self-important, spoiled, entitled, and petulant little brats on a daily basis.  The kids active up in class are doing so because parents are too bloody lazy to be proactive.  

POTUS.  When "W" was president, the conservatives gnashed their teeth and ran around in sackcloth and ashes when anyone spoke ill of the president; going so far as to call people "unpatriotic" who didn't support the most expensive "war" ever waged by the United States.  When liberals brow beat former president Bush, conservatives and neoconservatives alike lost their damned minds.   Now that we have an African-American, Democrat president, the same hypocrites who bitched about the criticism of President Bush are ripping President Obama to shreds.  Glenn Beck, the talk show host who is most likely certifiably insane, has said that the President was "delusional" or the "dumbest sonofabitch on the planet."  His blatant disrespect of the president of the United States is deplorable and anyone who approves of that kind of rhetoric should not listened to under any circumstance.  As a man who stood a post, I am offended by the people who are offended by the fact our president is black, and liberal.

The defense of the office of the President should apply across the board no matter who is in the Oval Office.  The office itself commands the respect of the American people and I don't give a damn who holds the office.  Conservatives who are bitching about the president now were the same people who wanted to arrest and detain the left for "treasonous acts."  The hypocrisy climbs to such heights these days that even the Space Shuttle couldn't keep up.   

So, the next time you read commentary from someone spewing bile against the POTUS, ask them how they would feel if Reagan or Bush were insulted in the same manner.

We can disagree with a policy platform without being an ass about it.  We can dislike a president's viewpoints but never is it appropriate to disrespect the man personally because to do so is to defile the office itself.

We should know better; and before you accuse me of being a liberal or anything else for that matter because I am defending the office of the POTUS, go stand a post and get back to me. 

Just my opinion and I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it.