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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Chronically Skeptic

Close your eyes for a moment and think about the Presidential campaign this year.  Which candidates stand out in your mind and why?  Next, think about the whole "Education Savings Accounts."  There are a lot of people coming out in favor from the conservative right and the conservative right does nothing without a profit motive.  Who makes the money, who stands to win, who stands to lose, and why should we give a damn.  Now, think about the last time you watched the morning news and think about the stories.  How many "bad news" stories permeated the fabric of your being this morning?  

All of these and a whole lot more contributing factors have created a generation of skeptics who are tired of the profit motives of the right, the socialism of the left, and the lack of trustworthiness of electronic media.  Talk radio, for example, is the same as it has always been on a national, syndicated level.  It's all the same and they are all puking out the same tripe day after day.  Local talk radio in this market basically consists of consultants who are probably just using the airwaves to plug their clients. 

No one should have any question as to whether or not we deserve to be skeptic.  We have earned it and frankly, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

It's no wonder that there are so many people who have become chronically skeptical.  Promises are made by politicians who desire to garner our trust and our votes, but once elected, those promises fade away like cotton candy does in the mouth.  I used to keep track of campaign promises and how they were left unfulfilled by the Governor, members of the State House and Senate, as well as the United States Senate but I gave up after realizing that the campaign rhetoric will never match the actual performance of the same.  

Look around you, friends.  Wake up and smell the bullsh*t that has surrounded us for far too long.  It's there, it stinks, and it is staining our shoes.  

How do we rid ourselves of this mess?  First, we become skeptical of things around us that are of human origin.  Matters of politics, economics, campaigns, consultants, and property are all external and guided and ruled by man therefore, they are destined to fail at some point.  The whole natural gas and oil bust has been kind of an example of how unpredictable the world around us can be but conversely, matters of faith and conscience are found in the spiritual realm and there is where we cannot afford to be too skeptical.  

Sure, we are to "study to show ourselves approved," which means that there will always be a sense of skepticism, but feelings themselves are deceptive and we should be skeptical of emotional responses to eternal truths.

I hope that makes sense.

Of course, these are just my opinions and I could be wrong, but I am skeptical that I am.