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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another Week of Shenanigans

Some of the dialog you're about to read may be offensive to some and it may anger many of you and for that, I'm not sorry.  You see, Oklahoma is a fun state with fun people and an underground creativity that exists behind the scenes for fear of being labeled "liberal."  Oklahoma is home to the Cowboys and the Sooners and both are exquisite institutions of higher learning or something.  But this past week, it was as though meth was poured into the water system by the Trilateral Commission under the orders of the New World Order and pushed by the 9/11 Commission.   

In other words, what you're about to read about is true, but you'll wish that it was not.

1.  Edmond Public Schools Superintendent called Edmond schools one of the "poorest funded" in the state.  In an interview with the ever-lovely Abigail Ogle, Bret Towne kissed a final farewell to his mind and to his reputation for trying to play Edmond Public Schools as a poor and down-trodden district.  Anyone with three functioning brain cells in the state of Oklahoma knows that Edmond has great schools in great shape and that the taxpayers always support initiatives on the ballot to support their schools.  As a matter of fact, when was the last time ANY sales tax increase or continuation failed in Edmond?  

2.  Candidate Filings.  This week brought a bunch of new faces to the political arena and some where decidedly more refreshing than others.  We in Oklahoma had, of course, the usual suspects of career politicians but we also saw the faces of numerous teachers who are fed up with the way the legislature has proven their collectively low IQ by screwing up school funding.  We have also seen the exciting entrance for the County Clerk post that is inhabited by the now legendary DUI recipient, Carolyn Caudill.  Charlie Phillips entered the race and while a veteran of the Clerk's office, she is a small business owner with backbone.  Personally, hers will be the race to watch during this primary season.  She's funny, smart, approachable and will serve the people of Oklahoma County well.  

3.  No Gorilla In the Race.  No, I've decided not to run this cycle for House District 82, but there is a very good chance that I will be running in the next cycle.  I probably could've beaten the incumbent Representative like an old rug and done so with ease and with impunity, but this is going to be a busy and very life-changing year for me.  I won't go into any details right now, but I will soon enough.  For all of you who have extended a hand of support for my potential run, I thank you and for those who support my candidacy and have expressed their desire to help financially were I to run against Calvey, I can't tell you enough you're appreciated.  There'll be a race to be sure, but just not this one at this time.  I know I'll catch hell from some of my close friends for not running; particularly after I had already put together a campaign platform and strategy, but surely, one of you will understand.  Calvey needs to go away from the public eye and I have a feeling that when he runs for either Attorney General or Oklahoma County District Attorney, he'll get the pounding he deserves. 

4.  Increased Taxes.  Unlike some of my readers, I happen to like the Governor.  When I saw that the Governor was thinking about raising taxes on tobacco for the purpose of filling so-called holes in the budget, I admittedly found myself a little disappointed.  Increasing taxes is not what we need and we particularly don't need to raise taxes on the poorest among us either.  It's hard for some to realize the difficulty faced by those in poverty while living in gated communities.  Remember all of those employees who have been laid off because of the down turn in the oil and gas market?  Well, they are the ones who will be taxed more and frankly, it's a bad idea.  As I have said before, there are ways to raise revenue for the state without further burdening the taxpayers.  

5.  Morrissette for Corporation Commission?  I have no beef with lawyers, really.  A lot of people hate them until they need them and some of them are admittedly sketchy.  Others, however, are solid, hard-working, and dedicated to the profession of law...until something better comes along.  Morrissette is a nice enough guy and has a good relationship with Scott Mitchell (consultant/talk show host on KOKC), but he had decided that since he has been term limited in the House, it's time to "move on up" like George and Weezie and run for statewide office.  From my knowledge, he has no oil and gas experience but the trial lawyer clan wants to defeat Dana Murphy because of the stand on the earthquake lawsuits.  They will probably throw a ton of cash his way, but it won't do any good.  Dana Murphy is one of the best Corporation Commissioners we've ever had and I was privileged to help her get that post. 

Well, there you have it, friends.  Yet another week of goofiness and as election day gets closer, it's going to only get more zany.

Until next time...those are my opinions and are for educational and humorous purposes only.  So now you can't sue me.