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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bringing In 2018

2017 wasn't really that bad, was it?  New POTUS, new fighting words between the U.S. and North Korea, the State of Oklahoma's budget disasters, the resignation of elected officials, and of course, the indictments of elected officials in Oklahoma.  Okay, perhaps it was a little on the hairy side, but I think if we're smart (and I know that we're not), we'll see the lessons learned from 2017.

First, I think that the GOP has learned that electing a reality TV guy as POTUS wasn't necessarily the smartest thing we could have done.  Granted, the alternative was a frightening specter of death, but damn.  We really should have known better.

Second, in Oklahoma we have come to the start realization that there are folks who run for office because it would be the best job they've ever had and a little bit of power and prestige goes a long way to polluting the mind.  Hell, in some cases, it seems to have rotted a few souls along the way and many lives will never be the same.

Third, one would hope we have learned our lesson regarding sexual harassment.  Touchy-grabby-feely is not a good thing in the workplace and some folks are paying the price for their indiscretions.  Finally.  And then there's the whole Roy Moore thing...God help us.

Photo from Tulsa World
2018 does look to be an exciting year, for me, anyways.  I'm kicking off the Gorilla Bytes Podcast where I'll be ranting regularly about politics, pop culture, music, and maybe even the plight of the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo.  In other words, it's pretty much going to be whatever I'm feeling at the time and frankly, it will be unbridled and aggressive.  I'll definitely be talking about the upcoming elections and which candidates I like and which I believe are douchebags.  It'll be fun.

This is the year, I hope, that I can get on the transplant waiting list for my liver.  That would be nice.

Mid-term elections also give us a chance to thin the herd and perhaps rid ourselves of bureaucrats and life-long elected dingleberries.  One can hope.

No matter what, 2018 will be what we make it.  Success and happiness isn't dependent upon a lack of turmoil, but rather can be found in the midst of our actions to handle that turmoil.   Let's make it a good year.

Ron "Gorilla" Black