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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Catching Up, Throwing Down

For a "Christian nation," there sure are a whole lot of really angry people running around.  We are seeing that the folks who beg for tolerance are less tolerant than they desire others to be and we are seeing that folks who are supposed to be all about grace and mercy are really all about their perception of justice and retribution.  Perhaps this is just how things go after an election but I have a very distinct feeling that there is something special in the air (or maybe in the water) and there will be some major changes soon.  The storm clouds are forming on the horizon and a shift is about to take place…

I suppose I still find it tough to believe that Donald Trump is our POTUS.  I say this not for or against the man, but rather with curiosity as to how we got to this place in our history where we would have to choose between the two previous candidates.  President Trump has already stirred the pot in Washington and without a doubt, he'll continue to do so until it's a murky, muddy mess.  It's also amazing how many people absolutely hate the man and would rather turn violent and destroy property to show their disdain for him than they would to accept the fact that sometimes candidates we don't like much win races.  Reasoned dialog is out the window, the tolerant ones have become immeasurably intolerant.  And what really pisses people off is that Trump is actually keeping his promises that he made on the campaign trail.  


On a local level, Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel has resigned after his November victory over Mike Christian.  Christian has vowed to run again during the special election and unless another candidate steps up, he will probably win in a walk.  Whetsel submitted his resignation letter and is ready to ride off into the sunset regardless of what kind of ghosts will follow him; the ghosts of fiscal mismanagement.  This makes everyone wonder just why it was that Whetsel again wasted taxpayer dollars by causing this upcoming special election.   It's just bloody weird.

In other weird and wacky news, a state senator is apparently filing legislation to shut down the will of the voters on a couple state questions in the last election cycle.  As I have said before and will again; we must never forget that for some elected officials, it is by far the best job they will ever have and their new-found power will corrupt their minds absolutely.  They begin to think that they know what's better for their constituents than do the constituents who elected them.  More Nanny State manure will certainly be coming our way, so wear your political waders.

In my humble opinion, everyone needs to just calm down for a little while and try real hard to find logic in action.  If we do, maybe there is still hope for us.

Of course, those are just my opinions and I could be wrong…but I seriously doubt it.

Ron "Gorilla" Black