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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Goobernatorial Gander

Yes, I know; it's been a while since I've written anything but I've not been feeling at the top of my game but here I am now.  What inspired me to open up the old blog-a-licious is the banter that has been tossed about by our candidates for Governor.  There are quite a few of them (12), but I will focus this column primarily on a handful of them that I think are noteworthy at this time.  

Let's roll up our sleeves and get nasty.

Dan Fisher:  Former legislator who has apparently been smitten with the idea of becoming Oklahoma's next, and first, abortion abolitionist Governor.  He probably learned how to cost taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees over unconstitutional legislation while serving in the legislature, which explains why that is pretty much his platform right now.  He has signs that say "audit everything" and that's kind of cute because there is a legitimate auditor in the race for Governor.  Fisher is a pastor and there are those who would argue that perhaps he has forgotten about the whole warnings to the Pharisees in Matthew 23 by running for office (again), but he is on a mission and like Jake and Elroy, he won't be stopped.  More than likely, he'll end up with around 5% - 8-% of the vote during the primary.  He's fun to watch though, that's for sure.  

Gary Jones:  If memory serves me, Gary was one of the first to announce his candidacy and on paper, he's probably the most qualified candidate to handle the difficult task of reining in the legislature and get the budget fixed.  Sadly, that is often not enough in the great state of Oklahoma to get you elected to a statewide or Congressional office.  Jones is our State Auditor and he has ruffled more than just a few feathers with some of his talk about streamlining the state government.  He himself has accomplished it within the office of the Auditor, but not many other agencies have done so willingly and without duress.  I've known Gary Jones for a number of years and he has always been an honest, upright man who doesn't shoot from the hip or shoot off his mouth for the sake of political blathering.  He is exceptionally qualified for the job, but it's going to be the toughest race he will ever face since Lt. Governor Todd Lamb is running.  

Todd Lamb:  There can be no doubt whatsoever that Todd Lamb is, by far, one of the most polished politicians in the state of Oklahoma.  His service as Lt. Governor has afforded him the opportunity to travel around the state in a largely ceremonial role, but everywhere he goes, Lamb leaves a very positive impression.  I meet him at an NRA banquet once and found him to be both genuine and knowledgable about state and local issues and he is a very dedicated family man (not to say that other candidates aren't).  He's intelligent and he surprised everyone when he cut across the grain and made comments that were in disagreement with Governor Fallin's budget positions.  Rumor has it that it angered much of the "Chamber crowd" and that there may be some question as to whether or not he can muster up a broad-based, centrist support system while pissing them off.  Todd will more than likely lead the race in fundraising and I predict, as of today, he is the candidate to beat.  

Mick Cornett:  To say that I was shocked to hear that Mick was running for Governor would be putting it mildly.  Mick boasts of the success he's had in the private sector with his business, but yet he likes being in the middle of the political fray.  Mick has run for Congress in the past and he looked a little like a deer caught in the headlights, but more than likely, he has a different consulting group handling his race and getting him polished on state issues.  His argument will be that he has brought the NBA to Oklahoma City and the success of the MAPS projects.  But, how will those things play in Honobia Creek?  Durant?  Tulsa?  Arnett?  Ada?  Rural Oklahoma is a significantly different animal than urban Oklahoma and his city charm may not play as well.  He is a long shot, but to count Mick Cornett out of the race at this point would be rather goofy.  He is a determined man who is dogged in achieving his goals.  We shall see.  [Note:  He doesn't have a website for his campaign, but there is his Facebook page.]

Just a few of my thoughts and there will be more to come very soon.


Ron "Gorilla" Black