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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

And Then, It Got Weird

It's hard to say when it was that the legislature in Oklahoma lost its collective mind, but predicated on the news of the last few months, it's clear that they are in desperate need of Prozac at the very least.  Not one, but two special sessions will be the history for this legislature and a massive failure to do that for which they were elected proves them to be some of the most incompetent elected officials in the history of this great state.  

And then, it got weird.

Legislators have been in the news for everything from child sex trafficking to campaign finance blunders.  There were cases that were settled out of court for sexual harassment and then there was the Governor's staffer busted for taking "up skirt" photographs.  What in the hell has happened to these people?  It would be easy to say that all of the construction down there caused some type of bizarre chemical reaction in their brains, but that's just not the case.  The truth of the matter is that there is a power struggle and tussling for future campaigns for higher office.

My suggestion is that you take note right now and if they are term-limited, let them go and do not vote for them for higher office or a different office.  If they are not term-limited, find a decent candidate whose life's goal isn't to be called "Senator" or "Representative."  Find someone the founding fathers called a "citizen legislator."

Don't you think that the people of Oklahoma deserve just a little bit better than what we're dealing with now?  Are we paying some type of cosmic retribution for electing a church camp counselor to the U.S. Senate?  The questions are endless...

Starting after the first of the year, I'll be back broadcasting via podcast and thanks to my son, Matthew Black, and my friend, Kaye Beach, I've decided it's time for the Gorilla to rattle more cages and hold some feet to the fire.  And yes, it will be weird, strange, fun, and will address a whole hell of a lot more than the clown act that is the Oklahoma Legislature.

You'll be hearing from me again real soon.

Ron "Gorilla" Black