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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Brogdon Will Endorse Fallin, But At What Cost?

More than likely, Senator Randy Brogdon will endorse Mary Fallin in her race for Governor and many will cheer and laud his effort.  Others will breathe a sigh of relief and wonder why it took so long.  But there will be others who will argue that perhaps since Randy is a man of principle who attacked Fallin throughout the primary, he should stick to his principles.

Quite the conundrum, isn't it?

OCPAC meets today as well to determine whether or not they endorse or give money to the Fallin campaign.  More than likely, OCPAC will just say no to both.  Charlie Meadows was probably one of the most ardent supporters of Senator Brogdon and finds himself in quite the pickle now, as the chair of an organization that has worked hard to stand on principle and let's give credit where credit is due - OCPAC typically sticks to its guns and supports candidates based on their record rather than their popularity.

There will be some fallout from a decision either way, but at this stage of the game, the attempts to show a united GOP will probably be effective.