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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday Morning Around the AC

CD5:  Mike McCarville is reporting that the so-called push-polls that have one out against James Lankford are not from the Calvey campaign.  So, if they aren't from the Calvey campaign, where are they coming from?  Or do they exist at all?  Doing some digging and I am yet to hear from anyone who has actually received this elusive push-poll.  It could be that Lankford is responding to rumor and speculation himself, or it could be a well-planned tactic to portray himself as a victim of a non-existent Boogieman.  Until someone comes forward who has actually received one of these calls, let's reserve judgment. McCarville made the statement that they could have come from a CD5 opponent in the general, and I talked to Dave White and it wasn't Dave, that's for sure.  Hard to say whether or not the Democratic opponent would do that, but it is highly unlikely and there is no way in hell Clark Duffe did that...not his style either.

GOP GOVERNOR:  A press conference has been scheduled for next week and State Senator Randy Brogdon will more than likely endorse Mary Fallin for Governor.  Better late than never, we suppose, but the truth of the matter is that though Senator Brogdon took a much-needed vacation with his lovely wife, the average Joe Republican was fully expecting support and a unified front against the Democrats this November where the state's top spot was concerned.  Bad form for Brogdon to wait and the aggregate result was a lot of banter from the Shi'ite Brogdonites who were actually talking about supporting Jari Askins...

BACK TO SCHOOL BLUES JAM UPDATE:  August 28th out at Paradise Farm, north of Waterloo on Western, it's our first "Back to School Blues Jam," featuring a band some friends and I put together as well as a couple other musical treats - all designed to enjoy some fellowship, some music and to support an incredibly worthy cause, the Hugs Project.  If you haven't made plans to come, I highly suggest you do.  You won't want to miss this.