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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Endorsement That Explains It All

The Oklahoman has endorsed James Lankford and it should really come as no surprise.  The following statements say it all (emphasis, mine):

Last year, Calvey took a position on MAPS 3, joining an anti-progress chorus that failed to defeat the initiative. Calvey was on the wrong side of the issue and it was ill-advised for a congressional candidate to take any stand on MAPS 3.

Lankford believes local political issues should be left to local leaders and citizens, while a member of Congress concerns himself with national and international affairs. He appears well-versed on the major issues of our day and could become an excellent, hardworking congressman. The last leg of his journey from Falls Creek to Congress starts with the runoff against another good candidate. The Oklahoman recommends that Republicans choose Lankford and set the stage for his victory in November.
As I have said, the minute Lankford hired the Thompson team of SAGAC, he became the darling of the Chamber crowd and his reputation of being an "outsider" ceased to exist.

This endorsement comes from the same people who supported Jim Roth - a man who had no experience in the energy sector whatsoever, but was appointed to the Corporation Commission by Governor Brad Henry. 

Read the rest of the endorsement here.