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Monday, August 16, 2010

Support Jones for Auditor

Gary Jones and I go way back.  I met him the first time when I was on the air with the legendary first lady of Oklahoma radio, Carole Arnold on the station formerly known as KOMA 1520.  Gary and I have not agreed on everything political, neither have we agreed about how campaigns are to be run.  But there is one thing we do agree upon - that he would make an exceptional State Auditor and Inspector.

The Governor's appointee to the post hasn't really screwed anything up and in Oklahoma, that goes a long way, but the fact is that it was Gary who has consistently uncovered corruption and misuse of government resources. 

There are Republicans and Democrats alike who have grown sick and tired of the oligarchy in Oklahoma running the show and misusing taxpayer dollars and this November, people will be shocked at how Gary will have received bi-partisan support.

I highly recommend you take a long, hard look at Gary Jones for State Auditor.  It's not one of the "sexy" campaigns to be involved with, but it is an important one.

Gary's website.