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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Amazing Turnout, Some Predictions

My precinct isn't exactly a lazy precinct - we get pretty good voter turnout though we are often overlooked by the door-knockers.  And today, I was shocked and pleasantly amazed at the turnout for this mid-term election.  Over 750 when I voted at around 1400, which is staggering considering the time of day.

Something of note:
There were a lot of cars in the parking lot of the church that boasted large Mary Fallin bumper stickers - which bodes well for James Lankford and the rest of the Republican ticket.  When this is all said and done, Mary and her crew should send a very large bouquet of flowers to President Obama.  More than anything, he will have helped her to win this election.

Prediction Time
1.  Governor's Race:  Mary Fallin wins with close to 60% of the vote, prepares for her Palin-esque rise to fame. 
2.  Lt. Governor's Race:  Todd Lamb wins with about the same margin as Fallin, goes on vacation to a super-secret place only known to former CIA agents.
3.  Auditor's Race:  Gary Jones wins with 57% of the vote, Burrage retires to his ranch, muttering "I coulda been a contender."
4.  Superintendent of Public Instruction Race:  Janet the dentist wins with 60% of the vote, carries even some rural, Democratic counties. 
5.  Labor Commissioner Race:  Costello wins with over 60% of the vote, hires both Jim Marshall and Richard Engle.  Charlie Meadows spontaneously combusts with joy, Cheryl Williams takes over OCPAC.
6.  Insurance Commissioner Race:  While I had thought that Doak would pull off an upset, Mike McCarville doing the voice work for Kim Holland will definitely draw Republican votes away from Doak. 
7.  OK5:  James Lankford wins with over 60% of the vote, sending the first-ever camp counselor to Congress.  The rest of the country giggles.
8.  Christine O'Donnell:  Once again, she is NOT a witch, though a little magic might have helped her in this race.  She gets soundly defeated, joins Palin in a national "Republican Hotties Of 2012 Tour."
9.  State Questions:  Pretty much as I predicted, the most notable being SQ744 - bitch-slapped in the same manner as the gasoline tax increase a few years ago. 

This has been an exciting cycle for Republicans and under the new leadership of the Republican Party in Oklahoma, it appears as though as long as the promises made are truly kept, Republicans will have the opportunity to do what we elected them to do:

a.  Foster an environment where business can grow and flourish in Oklahoma.
b.  Lower business taxes and personal income taxes.
c.  Create more accountable government entities.
d.  Improve the standards of public instruction.
e.  Lower worker's compensation costs for business.
f.  Let the streets flow with milk and honey.

Good luck.