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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Smoke Clears...Who Runs For What?

You thought the campaigns were over, didn't you?  Actually, there are a few that have only just begun.  In my estimation and based on emails and messages I have received in the last 24 hours, the race to watch will be that of Lt.Governor-elect Todd Lamb.  Senate District 47 will be up for grabs and there are more than a few names being bantered about, willing to throw their hat in the ring.

Greg Treat - Former Senator Coburn staffer, former campaign manager for Fred Morgan (who was the State Senate attorney and now head of the State Chamber of Commerce) and Director of the Victory Campaign for the GOP.  The Victory Campaign worked to get Oklahoma Republicans elected across the state, with the focus on statewide offices - such as that of Todd Lamb, who sailed to victory and is now the Lt. Governor-elect.

Carol Hefner - The name sounds familiar, doesn't it?  Deer Creek High School graduate, LSU grad with a major in mass communications and journalism, the bride of Robert Hefner IV has been active in Republican politics for a very long time and is a supporter of veterans as well as a well-known advocate in the energy sector. 

There will probably be no less than six or seven names in the special election that will be set because Lamb chose NOT to resign his Senate seat to run for Lt. Governor, but the cost to taxpayers will be minimal.  Though one could easily argue that our Lt. Governor-elect actually cost taxpayers money just by winning his election.

This will certainly be one of the more entertaining races to watch.