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Monday, December 13, 2010

Oklahoman Taunts Governor-elect Fallin

In keeping with the Oklahoman's tradition of opposing legislation that supports and upholds the constitution that transcends their most-favored 1st Amendment, the Oklahoman taunts Governor-elect Mary Fallin today in a shocking and what should be a very controversial editorial piece located here.

From the article:
Fallin, a Republican, and legislative leaders in both parties, used a forum Wednesday to carol allegiance to a growth and jobs creation agenda. “We need to take advantage of the national attention we are receiving right now and move the ball forward when it comes to job opportunities for Oklahomans,” House Speaker-elect Kris Steele said at an annual State Chamber gathering.
But not all of that “national attention” is positive, partly because of the ideologue caucus — particularly its authorship of the Sharia law measure and its vow to adopt an illegal immigration law tougher than the one that's gotten Arizona so much “national attention.”
The State Chamber opposed a previous immigration bill that originated with a member of the ideologue caucus. The heads of chambers of commerce in Tulsa and Oklahoma City warn that negative publicity about the state hurts business recruitment.
Mary Fallin has assured the Republican legislature as a whole that she would support tough illegal immigration legislation and campaigned hard (video compilation to come later this week) on the issue of tough illegal immigration laws.

But again, the Oklahoman fails to realize that job creation is not the job of the government.   The government cannot create private sector jobs - the private sector does.  Except, of course, for the Oklahoman.  The Oklahoman has lost a number of jobs themselves because of the economy and the fact that editorials such as the one mentioned here has turned people off from subscribing to the paper.  But I digress.

The State Chamber has opposed not only a previous illegal immigration law, but has also not supported our 2nd Amendment rights by filing a lawsuit (and they say they are against frivolous lawsuits) against the State of Oklahoma because the legislature passed, and the previous governor signed, a law that allowed law-abiding citizens the right to keep unloaded firearms in their vehicles.  You may remember a few years back when Weyerhauser fired some employees for having hunting rifles in their vehicles...

Anyone reading this propaganda piece authored by the Oklahoman editorial staff can see that this is a challenge, taunting Governor-elect Fallin to go back on her word to support tough, constitutional illegal immigration laws.  And they are doing the same to Speaker-elect Steele who has also agreed at the most recent House Caucus meeting that constitutional issues will be dealt with this session.

I would encourage you to contact Governor-elect Fallin and Speaker-elect Steele and tell them that you support their desire to support the constitution.  Tell them not to fear the Oklahoman and their liberal, open borders ideology.  The Oklahoman believes in job-creation, but like the Obama administration, believes that government can create jobs, apparently. 

Fallin's Number:  405-521-4317
Steele's Number:  405-557-7345