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Monday, December 13, 2010

Terrill Comments on Today’s Oklahoman Editorial

Following the Bartlesville retreat, it is clear there is no disagreement between the Governor, the Speaker, or the House Republican caucus regarding the agenda for the upcoming legislative session.  We have all publicly acknowledged that economic and fiscal issues will be emphasized, but not at the expense of the conservative cultural, ideological, and social issues we campaigned on.

Everyone must recognize there are people at The Oklahoman and the Chamber of Commerce who don’t approve of this decision or approach.  They are pushing for an increased supply of cheap illegal-alien slave labor, are embarrassed by the socially conservative nature of our state, and want corporate welfare rather than free-market oriented reform.  Therefore they are cynically and transparently trying to create wedges inside our party with the hope of blocking legislation they don’t approve of.

But the reality is that, at least with regard to this matter, there is no longer any division in the caucus. The conservative agenda will move forward despite the petulant whining of the editorial staff of The Oklahoman, and despite the protests of the Brahmins that rule the Chamber - and that agenda will include the various measures promised during the campaigns, including tougher anti-illegal immigration bills, advancing Second Amendment rights, and strong conservative social legislation.