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Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 Accountability Tour Schedule

The 2010 elections threw down the proverbial gauntlet for fiscal conservatism, economic development, support for Constitutional freedoms and with that comes unprecedented accountability for elected officials.  Promises made and subsequently broken will not be tolerated in this political climate - regardless of party affiliation. 

Here is a list of issues and campaign promises made that We The People will be watching in 2011:

2nd Amendment:  The National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America and the Oklahoma Rifle Association supported candidates who embraced the right to keep and bear arms.  Many candidates used their desire for open carry or even campus concealed carry expansion as their mantra and this legislative session will set the tone for the 2012 election cycle. 

Illegal Immigration:  HB1804 set the Oklahoma media on fire a few years ago and the aggregate result was a rift within the ranks of the Republican party.  The conservatives desire to see illegal immigration and the subsequent costs to be curtailed through tougher laws yet the moderate Republicans feel as though tough immigration laws are detrimental to economic development and sends a message that Oklahoma is an intolerant state.  The cost to Oklahoma taxpayers where illegal immigration is concerned increases every year and has also impacted our education system.  Members of the House of Representatives have vowed to author "Arizona-Plus" illegal immigration legislation because the federal government has failed to fulfill their Constitutional duty of dealing with the issue.  This will result in a showdown of epic proportions, pitting the Chambers of Commerce against Constitutional conservatives and the 80% of Oklahomans who believe illegal immigration to be problematic.

MAP3:  City Council elections kick off and there is still a groundswell of opposition to the MAPS3 projects.  The establishment will be facing more aggressive opposition than ever and based on the emails and messages I have received, the opponents of Mayor Mick Cornett are kicking it up a notch or two and actually have some funding.  Keep your eye on this one.

FOP/Firefighter Voices:  Law enforcement received a slap in the face as a result of the MAPS vote last year wherein Oklahoma City voters were told public safety would receive financial benefits from the MAPS vote only to learn that they had been bamboozled.  With the political climate being what it is right now, the FOP and firefighters will have the ear of high propensity voters this year and their organizations will no loner be considered the paper tigers they have in the past.  2011 may very well be the year for public safety.

Goza Family
Senate District 47:  Lt. Governor Todd Lamb decided not to step down from his senate seat, costing taxpayers more money for a special election.  Candidates for that seat have been out and about, knocking doors and a couple are even up on radio already.  Carol Hefner has been the name to beat because of her name.  There are, however, some questions that have come up regarding her fiscal conservatism and a look at some court documents seem to bear that out.  During tough economic times, a lot of people are having difficulty, but not everyone is running for the State Senate either.  You can decide (here).  Then, there's Greg Treat.  Treat worked for Fallin, worked for Coburn and was the Victory director - a perfect stepping stone for the State Senate race.  Treat is a nice man with a great family, but with virtually no private sector experience whatsoever.  Coburn endorsed him for the race, which should come as no surprise whatsoever to anyone, but unlike Coburn, Treat has worked as a political insider his whole life.  Which leads us to the guy I like:  Kenny Goza.  Honestly, Goza is a self-made man with private sector experience and is a veteran.  Republicans say that they want candidates who are veterans, who are fiscal conservatives and who understand business.  If the people of SD47 really want that kind of candidate, they'll vote for Goza.  If they want more of the same, they won't.  Goza has even said that he will take his senate salary and give it to veterans and to the foster care system.  He's the real deal and doesn't NEED the job unlike his opponents.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs:  Every Republican candidate who won their elections included in their talking points the concept of "job creation."  Anyone who understands the proper role of government knows full well that government cannot create private sector jobs, but rather can create a regulatory environment conducive to private sector job creation.  Unfortunately, most voters don't understand that and it will serve to be a double-edged sword for elected officials because now, if they don't see an increase in jobs in Oklahoma, the same voters who put them in office will be intensely dissatisfied that these elected officials broke their promises.

Happy New Year.