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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dancer's "Jesus Dance" Will Go On

A story that just had to be shared:

The show will go on for a fifth grader in Chatsworth who was kicked out of a school talent show over his interpretive dance.

He wanted to perform to "We Shine," a chart-topping Christian pop song, but school officials didn't like that he was dancing to a song with so much "Jesus" in it.

"The principal said that in her opinion the song was offensive because of its religious lyrics," David Cortman, Head Council with the National Alliance Defense Fund says.

Cortman filed a lawsuit against the school district last week. The school has since decided to let the kid dance in the talent show.

But there is still something Cortman still wants out of the LA Unified School District

"A policy that makes it clear that students won't be discriminated against if they happen to chose a talent with some religion to it," Cortman says.

Link.  This was a boy.  Wait.  What?