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Friday, February 04, 2011

All The Small Things

How many times have you sat still and thought about the things that you take for granted?  Usually, it's not the big things - like a new car/truck, spacious house or the contents of your checking account.  More than likely, it's the little small things in life that get your attention, make you ponder the nuances of life itself. 

During the Snowpocalypse of 2011, I have been doing a bit of thinking and here is my list of small things that I realize that I have taken for granted or perhaps have learned to really appreciate.

Alka Seltzer:  What used to just settle an upset tummy has transformed itself.  There's Alka Seltzer Cold, Alka Seltzer Flu...and the list goes on.  But really, when the stomach is churning and burning from too much comfort food, there is always the go-to product, Alka Seltzer.

Perforated Toilet Tissue:  I don't know how it was invented, but anyone who has been to a public restroom and fought the dreaded "roll from hell" and tried to cut it with the Ginsu blade that is the tissue dispenser has come to love and appreciate the perforations in our home toilet tissue.  It's marvelous.

Books:  You can now download books to your iPod/Pad, to virtually every mobile device and now, there are devices designed just to download books.  Call me old-school, but I love the feel, the smell and the allure of the printed word.  While the newspaper business may be going down the crapper (after wiping with the aforementioned perforated toilet tissue), my hope is that books never go out of style and that the printed word somehow remains a part of our existence.

Respect From Kids:  Maybe it's just me, but it's nice to hear a kid say, "okay" rather than doing their best impersonation of Kathy Griffin when asked a question or to accomplish some amazing feat like hanging up their coat.  It's a little thing, but when they simply just do it and not give you lip, it's refreshing - a throw back to days gone by.

Drip Coffee Makers:  Amazing, aren't they?  If you have ever gone camping and used a camp coffee pot, you know that drip coffee makers are worth their weight in gold.

Warm Socks:  Hunters know how uncomfortable it can be out in the woods when the feet get cold - the rest of the body follows suit and it goes from uncomfortable to unbearable.  In this crappy weather, appreciation for a warm pair of socks is compulsory.

Hot Water:  A friend of mine told me the story of their water heater going out just before the snow and ice hit and I have to tell you, I can't imagine how tough it was for them.  With little kids in the house and the plumber informing them it would be DAYS before the replacement would be available...I can't even imagine.  Hot water is one of the little things that I truly appreciate.

That's enough for now...