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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japanese Tragedy

Sometimes, the magnitude of tragedy can render even the most outgoing virtually speechless.  I can be included in that list.  Watching the video of the tsunami, then the nuclear plant, the children, the people of Japan who are struggling to survive right now became almost too much to watch.

Some will say that the event put into perspective their great many blessings, but that itself sounds almost narcissistic and self-indulgent.  In other words, "Gee, I have it bad but at least it's not THAT bad."  I don't know if that is appropriate at this time.

I know that the tragedy and loss of life and ongoing struggle of the Japanese people made me hug my kids a little tighter, appreciate things a little more in the micro, and in the larger picture has made me wonder whether or not nuclear power is the answer to our energy crisis.  It has also made me remember how we as a nation come together when tragedy strikes - and Oklahoma is a great example of people coming together.

Oklahomans have survived the Murrah Bombing and came together, united in grief and sorrow as well as the search for justice.  Tornado after tornado, the loss of property and life serves to bring Oklahomans together to meet need and to appreciate one another a little more. 

The images of what happened in Japan are devastating.  Our country has once again reached out to show that we care and even in the midst of our financial mess, we have pledged our support financial and otherwise.  I think that may be one of the reasons our country is so blessed - we give and we continue to give even from our own poverty.

Prayers and thoughts go out to the victims of this natural disaster.