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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Groundswell of GOP Discontent

Social networking sites such as Facebook are a-buzz with the lack of satisfaction voters feel from the last batch of Republicans sent to Washington and elsewhere.  Whether it be the Oklahoma Speaker of the House chastising the more conservative members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives or freshmen Congressmen in Washington flying around the country, enjoying their new fame, conservative voters have had their fill.

And it's only March.

The McCarville Report outlines Representative Mike Christian eviscerating Speaker Steele for attacking conservative members of the House who really broke no rules but rather have been a thorn in the side of the moderate Speaker of the House, Kris Steele.  The aggregate result has been anger and ire from the Tea Party members in Oklahoma and it appears as though the fire will spill over into upcoming State House races. 

Sadly, the mantra of "social issue bills" that was first brought forward by the Oklahoman in their editorials has spilled over into even the most conservative writings on the Internet.  It's an effective tool, mind you, on par with liberals calling themselves "progressives" or switching the debate from global warming to "climate change."  The facts still remain the same that the few members of the conservative movement remember why voters chose Republicans last year - they desire stronger immigration policy, stronger personal protection (as in 2nd Amendment bills) and the Speaker of the House in Oklahoma has sold the caucus down the river...and Fred Morgan is the Skipper of the boat.

The talk on the street is that the Tea Party and other conservative organizations are looking for candidates once again across the board - state, local as well as federal.  No office is safe, no elected official will get a "free pass."

I'll keep you posted...