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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Media Malpractice: A Review

Cruising through the selections on Netflix, I have found some very entertaining and enlightening documentaries over the past couple months and last evening, I found one that got my attention.  Media Malpractice:  How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted is a new release on Netflix, but came out in 2009, I believe.  A fascinating documentary that truly enlightened me on some very serious issues.

Throughout the documentary, Sarah Palin is interviewed, discussing some of the more difficult moments of the McCain/Palin race and the interviewer shows her watching video segments of members of the media ripping her to pieces.  In one segment, the now infamous Katie Couric interview is reviewed and after listening to how the whole interview went, and what was left out of the final product, my heart absolutely broke for Palin. 

Another point that the documentary makes is how "in the bag" for Obama the mainstream media was during the election cycle.  We all knew that the media thought he was - and is - salvific, but the documentary highlights many of the subtle ways even Fox News helped Obama. 

If you're looking for some interesting perspective on the last presidential election, I highly recommend this video.