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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nanny State In Under Guise Of Meth Law

We all know what a pain in the behind it is just to get some cold and flu medicine that actually works.  After giving up your first-born, samples of your DNA and a retinal scan, the pharmacist looks at you with eyes squinting to see whether or not your vehicle doubles as a meth lab.  After FBI agents follow you home to ensure you don't live in a shanty under the bridge, you are allowed to self-medicate and relieve some of the symptoms a cold or flu ravages you with.

A bill in the Oklahoma legislature would require a doctor's prescription to purchase any medication containing pseudoephedrine and fortunately, the bill authored by the not-so-conservative Doug Cox (R-idiculous), is dead for now, but according to a former meth-cooker, as reported in the Oklahoman, what is needed is an all-out ban of the product.

Enter:  Nanny State government because the government knows what is best.

At some point, We The People have to just say "no" to the Nanny State and tell our elected officials to stop legislating to the lowest common denominator in our culture.  There are plenty of laws on the books at present and if you look at the docket at the Oklahoma County District Attorney's office, it appears as though the laws and subsequent prosecution is working.

The push to require a physician's prescription to obtain products containing pseudoephedrine is as a result of the tragic death of three young children, who died in a fire in an RV.  The logic used by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater is that since other states are becoming Nanny States (in essence), we must follow suit.   The Oklahoman reads:
Only 10 meth labs were found last year in Oklahoma County, compared with more than 300 in Tulsa County, Prater said.  “But it’s just a matter of time before we’re going to see this in every county in the state,” he said.
Only 10 labs were found last year.  That is a dramatic decrease and it shows that the existing laws are working.

The desire to intrude on virtually every aspect of our lives has reached epidemic proportions in government.  The very officials we elected to maintain our freedoms, to preserve them, are the officials who now want more control, more money to justify their existence.  Rarely will you hear a politician say that what they have done in the past is working - more needs to be done.  It is a never-ending cycle of self-gratification. 

Which begs the following questions:

More people are killed and impacted by drunk driving than meth - why is it that mandatory sentencing isn't mandatory sentencing?  Why aren't district courts notified and municipalities allowed to prosecute DUI's?

People are killed in traffic fatalities every week in Oklahoma...do we ban cars?

The government we elected because they said they would grant us more freedom and be tough on crime is turning out to be the same government we've seen in the past.  Doug Cox is anything but a conservative and is turning out to be a water-carrier for the AMA.  If a bill such as this is passed, the only ones to benefit will be doctors and insurance companies who get to increase their rates and force even more office visits.  Perhaps it will help pay for their new lake homes after the state sells off all of our state parks...

You make the call:  Nanny State or necessary government action?